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Easter is here and for many that means holidays are as well. With the weather improving notably across Europe (and for once this even includes the UK!) the thought of getting away, even if just for a long weekend, is ever more present in every wanderlust’s mind.

This year we’ve crunched the numbers to see the most popular destinations, airlines and the busiest UK airports this Easter and we present it to you in a handy infographic.

So take a look at where British travelers are going this Easter, which airlines they’re taking to get there and which UK airports they’re flying out of. Do the low cost airlines reign this year? Are people getting away to relaxing beach destinations or do they prefer the hustle and bustle of the big cities? Find out now…

uk easter holidays 2014 trends

Most Popular Destinations for UK Travelers

Out of the top 10 destinations for UK travelers during Easter Holidays 2014, three of ten are cities in Spain, making it the most represented country on the list. These three cities show the importance Brits place on having the beach be part of their holidays as Malaga, Barcelona and Alicante are all Spanish coastal cities.

This year, Brits are sticking to short-haul jaunts as nine out of ten destinations are within Europe, with the only exception being Marrakech, Morocco. Other European “favorites” like London, Paris and Rome maintain their position on the list this Easter.

Most Popular Airlines

The list of the most used airlines out of the UK during Easter Holidays is heavily populated by British and Irish companies, with six out of ten of them being from either the UK or Ireland. And though Brits may be jetsetting during the holidays, many are also keeping their wallets in mind by taking low cost carriers like easyJet, Ryanair, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Monarch and Flybe.

Busiest UK Airports during Easter Holidays 2014

As for the busiest airports in Great Britain during Easter Holidays, it’s no surprise that four out of five of them are London airports; Gatwick coming in as the busiest airport, followed by Heathrow in second, Stansted in third and Luton in fifth. Manchester Airport is the only non-London airport creeping onto the list as the fourth busiest during the Easter holiday period.

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