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Hello March, we have big plans for you!

The month that brings us spring bares many more gifts in form of some of the greatest holiday options around: from beach escapes to world class festivals and some of the best travel deals of the year you couldn’t have picked a better month to travel.

Here’s a list of where to travel in March.


India in March is all about pleasant weather before the arrival of a boiling summer. There’s no better time to complete the classic Golden Triangle trip between New Dehli, Agra, and Rajasthsan.

Others take delight in the colourful Holi Festival, the Hindu festival heralding the arrival of spring and the triumph of good over evil.

a paint covered girl during holi festival in india
@rahuldbhagat via Instagram


You won’t complain about Budapest’s chilly March weather while you’re soaking yourself at one of the city’s famous hot-spring spas. Hungary’s historically fascinating city is also one of the cheap holiday destinations in Europe.

an aerial view of budapest hungary
@krenn_imre via Instagram


Southeast Asia is good at any time of year but it’s in March where Vietnam really switches gears. The central beaches of Hoi An and Danang are in full swing at 28°C and there are few beach value trips like this in the world.

With stunning scenery and a street food scene to die for it doesn’t get much better.

boats navigate through mountainous islands in vietnam
@worldnomads via Instagram

Las Vegas

The entertainment capital of the world doesn’t pull any punches even in low season, so get your spot at any of the Strip’s themed casino hotels and soak it up.

In addition to casino action you’ll find unparalleled shopping and culinary experiences. Whether you want to go clubbing, get married, or even drive a NASCAR you’ll find it here.

fireworks over the las vegas strip
@vegas via Instagram


South America’s largest country doesn’t have to posture for global tourism branding – we all know about the warm, dry climate and Rio de Janeiro’s beaches. The thing is though, March brings the most sunshine hours per day on average, making it the best time to plan that long deserved beach break.

a gymnast leaps in rio de janeiro harbour
@instagrambrasil via Instagram


The wildcard of the list just might be the least known metropolitan area of 20 million in the whole world. China’s Tea Capital is known for its West Lake, one of the most beautiful sights in the country with its temples, pavilions, gardens, pagodas and more.

You also shouldn’t miss taking a boat trip up the Grand Canal to Beijing – at over 2000 kilometers long it’s the largest canal in the world.

a lakeside bridge in hangzou china
@hangzhou_china via Instagram


If the masochist in you just doesn’t want to see winter off then consider the land that has the threat of cold in its very name! In addition to the fabulous Reykjavik Folk Festival and the Food and Fun Festival, what’s good about March here are the great opportunities to see the Northern Lights without the plummeting temperatures of winter.

a traditional icelandic parade in reykjavik
@visitreykjavik via Instagram


The largest island in the Mediterranean really shines in March as skies begin to clear and temperatures start their ascent. The land offers a sort of uncontaminated nature that’s hard to find anywhere else, especially among the scattered coastal islands like The Aeolians, Pantelleria, and Ustica.

cliffs rising out of the sea in sicily
@cal0gero via Instagram

Austin, Texas

The capital of Texas awakens from its winter slumber with a thundering barre chord thud in the form of its SXSW Festival – the largest of its kind in the world with over 2000 acts.

Lovers of blues, rock, and country will be in heaven and the city isn’t so bad either: the hiking and biking opportunities at Austin’s many parks make this city Texas’ urban green lung.

a hip hop group performs at sxsw in austin texas
@sxsw via Instagram

That’s enough then, you’ve convinced me.

Take me to the cheap flights!

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