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Everyone is Irish on the 17th of March! St. Patrick´s Day is a time when everything turns green, not only in Ireland but across the globe. With all the green food, green ale, green clothes, and tiny green Leprechauns throwing gold and luck our way, its one celebration no one should miss!

St. Patrick's Day
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In Dublin, St. Patty´s will be celebrated for 5 days, starting on the 14th of March and lasting until the 17th. Parades, street performances, funfairs, music shows, pubs and many other events are awaiting you this weekend (even the city´s iconic buildings will be illuminated green!). You could visit the Irish Craft Village to find out more about brewing in the time of St. Patrick, stop at a pub and have a pint of green ale or check out the Laughter Lounge to see Irish stand-up comedians at their funniest. The possibilities are endless! Just be sure not to miss the People´s Parade and St. Patrick´s Festival Parade where thousands of people fill the streets of Dublin to celebrate and be merry together.

If you haven´t made plans for St.Patty´s, you still have time. Have a look at low cost flights offered by easyjet and ryanair and catapult yourself right into the heart of Ireland!

For more information about the St.Patrick´s Day Festival, check out this website.

st. patrick's day dog with a clover

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