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eDreams is proud to present their latest study, Best Hotels in Europe! We are providing the top results based off of eDreams customer reviews in 2014. From best service to the nicest rooms, best dining experience and hotel design, here is the Top 10 Best Hotels in Europe study!

Ready to find out which hotels were some of the top contenders? Check out the winners in each city, along with our picks for top things to do in these cities and see what the hotels were top-rated for.

Innsbruck, Austria

Hotel Innsbruck: First place in eDreams Best Hotel in Europe
First place in the eDreams Best Hotels in Europe Study

eDreams customers rated the Hotel Innsbruck as the best hotel in Europe, giving this property a ranked score of 4.8 out of 5! The hotel is located in Austria, along the banks of the river and was also ranked in the top position for best dining experience.

Beyond Hotel Innsbruck, Austria: 

Innsbruck , Austria
Photo collage with photos by Mariano Mantell, Barnyz and Alain Gavillet via Flickr

Innsbruck, a quaint city located in Western Austria, has many charms any traveller would love to experience. After an amazing night at the hotel, check out Old Town and spot the medieval houses and the famous golden roof, which is in fact, a three-story balcony on the central plaza at the heart of the Old Town that dates back to the 15th Century. Some other highlights visitors must experience when taking flight to Innsbruck are: the Wilten Basilica and a ride on the town’s trolleys.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisboa Hotels

The eDreams study revealed two top hotels in Lisbon, Portugal. The first, ranking in second position for the best hotels overall, is the Hotel Marques De Pombal, which also placed in thrid position in the “Best Service” category. The second hotel, which ranked in first position for Best Room, Best Design/Style and Best Cleanliness, was the Sheraton Lisboa Hotel and Spa.

Beyond the Hotel Marques De Pombal and the Sheraton Lisboa: 

Lisbon, Portugal
Photo collage by photos from: Ramon Peco, Bert Kaufman and jean pierre dalbera via Flickr

The capital and largest city of Portugal, Lisbon, is filled with incredible things to see and do. Our suggestion? The Ruins of Igreja do Carmo, the Belém Tower and to really fall in love with the city, a stroll through the traditional neighborhoods with the charm and characteristic homes that make this city so beautiful. Fancy a holiday to Lisbon, don’t you?

Madrid, Spain

Hotel Wellington Madrid
Best Service winner in eDreams Best Hotels in Europe

The Hotel Wellington in Madrid Spain, not only ranked in position #4 out of 10 in the top best hotels in Europe, but also claimed the #1 spot in the category of “Best Service”. Stop by this hotel, and you’ll notice the staff is friendly and the service is exceptional. Great customer service counts and this hotel is top notch!

Beyond the Wellington, Madrid: 

Madrid city, Parque del Buen Retiro and Mercado San Miguel
Photo collage with photos by: Miguel Diaz, Lenses Drilling and Miguel Angel Garcia via Flickr

Madrid is a city full of magic! Get lost in the city’s center and see iconic architecture like the Metropolis, indulge in the delicious cocktails, tapas and gourmet ingredients at the Mercado de San Miguel and be in awe of el Parque del Buen Retiro, a true treasure in Madrid. Doesn’t an escape to Madrid sound appealing, now? 

Santander, Spain

Hotel Bahia

The Hotel Bahia in beautiful Santander, Spain ranks  in thrid place overall and also ranks among the top three for Best Rooms and Cleanliness. Elegant and lovely, this hotel has earned its top ranking.

Beyond the Hotel Bahia, Santander: 

Santander, Spain
Photo collage with photos by: Andrew Nash, Paco CT and Pepe Martin

This port city boasts magnificent views, a quaint atmosphere and amazing seafoood. Santander is part of the more historical region of Cantabria located on the north coast of Spain. Visitors looking for a relaxing holiday where great food is a staple, look no further than Santander and visit!

Alicante, Spain

Last, but not least on our round up of top categories for Best Hotels is the top-ranked hotel for the category of Best Value for the Money. The very popular Holiday Inn chain serves up a wonderful experience where value and quality combine for a lovely stay. The winning hotel is the Holiday Inn in Alicante, Spain. Enjoy a night or two and explore the great  city! 


Alicante, Spain
Photo collage with photos by: Enrique Domingo, olemiswebs and Alicantecity

Beyond the Holiday Inn, Alicante:

Fun in the sun anyone? Whether you are visiting the Santa Barbara castle, strolling through the beach, or enjoying a glass of wine  at the Plaza Gabriel, Alicante is a welcome location to visit in the community of Valencia, where great weather, and beach life await you. Take flight to Alicante and see what it is all about.

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