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the social guide of berlin

Who do you trust more when you travel? A printed guide or your friends? And what happens when your friends can’t help you? Do you ever ask them to ask their friends?

We do 🙂

So with the help of our clients and friends we’ve created a social guide of Berlin. A guide made of tips and recommendations from people we either know personally, follow on Twitter or engage with daily on Facebook.

Would you like to contribute to this guide?

Tell us why do you love Berlin

  • What’s the most delicious dish in Berlin?
  • Where can we get a tasty cup of coffee in the morning?
  • What is a must see in Berlin?
  • Which are the best areas to go for a drink in Berlin?
  • Do you know any secret and fabulous place?
  • Which are the best clubs?
  • What’s the best way to get around in Berlin?
  • Where should you go shopping?
  • Any cool flea markets or fairs?

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