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In the United States, Thanksgiving is a holiday that’s been celebrated since 1621. It came from a mix of European (The Pilgrims) and Native American traditions and is to give thanks to the land and deities for the good harvest and celebrate the hard work done in the previous months.

Nowadays, Thanksgiving is an occasion to be thankful for the people and good things in your life, to be close to your loved ones and, of course, do your best at cooking a turkey!

Prepare your eyes, this post is all about Thanksgiving Food!


A bit after:

Surprisingly, what we found nowadays on people’s Thanksgiving dinner menu is not that different.

We of course have turkey:

image by sally monster on flickr

And smoked turkey, corn bread, stuffing, sweet potatoes with brown sugar, green beans with bacon and onions

image by The Shifted Librarian

Baked Squash

image by wonderlane on flickr

Tomatoes and mozarella

image by inju on flickr

Pumpkin pie

image by iwona_kellie on flickr

Or roasted pumpkin

image by StudioGabe // Gabriel Li on flickr


image by StudioGabe // Gabriel Li on flickr

Homemade bread

image by hawaii on flickr

Our suggestion this holiday: turkey cupcakes!

image by beaumontpete on flickr

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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