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No matter how much we love travelling there’s always a little discomfort being away from all things familiar. The convenience of home can quickly become the dread of being abroad but luckily we’ve got some solutions!

Here are the 9 best travel gadgets to lighten the blow.

A Universal Travel Adapter

Sometimes the most obvious purchases slip your mind so I’m here to remind you not to get caught powerless! The NT580 by Longrich has 4 interchangeable plugs and works in over 150 countries but what’s really great are the two USB ports to simultaneously charge mobiles and tablets.

a universal travel adaptor
@vlgproducts via Instagram

A Padlock You Can Open With a Smartphone

What was that three digit code again? Never mind. This no key, no digit-wheel, no code luggage safeguard by eGeeTouch can be unlocked with any Bluetooth or NFC-enabled smartphone for optimal quickness and minimal hassle.

an egee touch phone activated travel lock
via egeetouch.com

A Quick-Snap Travel Belt

Hardcore travellers and the easily annoyed would do well to buy this ‘gadget’ that allows you to easily remove buckles at airport security without having to take off the entire belt – Flybelt users can mix and match buckles to create a variety of styles.

flybelt detachable belt
@raffkinds via Instagram

A Classic Swiss Army Knife

This super-handy pocket provision was coined ‘Swiss Army Knife’ in the Anglo world because American soldiers couldn’t pronounce the word ‘Offiziersmesser’.

You’ll be happy to include this in your suitcase for the can and bottle opening abilities alone – beat that, iPhone!

a blue swiss army knife open
@victorinoxswissarmy via Instagram

A Portable Battery Charger

When you don’t have an outlet because all the hipsters are finishing their novels at Starbucks you’ll be glad you have the Quick Charge 2.0 by RAVPower – it’ll charge 75% of your phone’s battery in only 30 minutes.

portable battery charger charging a phone and laptop
@ravpower via Instagram

A Kindle E-Reader

With so many baggage restrictions especially on discount airlines you hardly have any room to pack any reading material aside from a basic travel guide. With a 4GB Kindle you can hold 3,500 or more books and the battery lasts for weeks on a single charge.

a kindle e-reader on the beach
@re.welina via Instagram

A Mini Iron the Size of a Computer Mouse

Clothes tend to wrinkle up in suitcases and there’s no better solution outside of going to a launderette than the Steamfast SF 717. This extremely portable mini-steam iron crisps up creases and removes wrinkles like nobody’s business.

a mini iron for travelling
@thelemonberry via Instagram

A Luggage Scooter

This piece of hand luggage is certified for even the most demanding airlines and will transport you to your connection in record time! The super lightweight aluminum construction makes it a joy to ride, as long as you’re under 130 kg 😉

a yunieu luggage scooter
@uyunieu via Instagram

An Eyefi SD Card

This isn’t any regular SD Card – it’s got built-in WiFi and it’s a photographer’s dream come true. Put in your Eyefi card and have original resolution images instantly backed up and available in any cloud or device so your original photos can be enjoyed immediately, anywhere.

eyefi sd card and box
@n.melanjina via Instagram

One response to “The 9 Best Travel Gadgets

  1. The travel adapter looks awesome, but I don’t think I’d want a padlock that needed to be opened with my phone. If I lost it or it went wrong it would cause too many problems. I have a Swiss army knife and find it incredibly handy. I use it every day and find the toothpick especially useful.

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