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Let’s be honest, New York is probably the coolest city in the world. But unless you’re there for a short space of time, you might run in to a small problem. No matter how much money you have, New York can bleed you dry, fast. There are so many sights to see, neighborhoods to explore, things to buy, food trucks & restaurants to try – you just need to pace yourself a little. Despite its name, this guide isn’t really designed for cheapskates at all. It’s just designed for normal people who want to experience the city but need to make their money last.

This Infographic should get you started for original things to do for under $10. If you need more ideas you can always head over to NYCgo.

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About the Author

Reuben Mansell is a Graphic and Web Designer based in St Albans, UK. He spent a few months living like a local in New York last year and wanted to share some of the things he found in this Infographic.

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