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Sick and tired of searching for your suitcase at baggage claim? Does your suitcase happen to be black, red, or dark blue?

If that’s a yes then it’s about time you get a suitcase that really stands out from the rest. Here we bring you 10 of the coolest suitcases money can buy!

But remember if you’re looking for a carry-on for flights with the low cost airlines, like Ryanair or easyJet, make sure you check the luggage size and weight limits by airline before you consider investing in one of these as hand luggage only.

1. A curvacious take on a vintage trunk

williamshandmade suitcase
arch suitcase by williamshandmade.com

2. A “seatcase”  for tired travelers

travelteq suitcase
seat “trip” suitcase with built-in soundsystem by travelteq.com

3. A portable “washing machine” … if only it actually washed the contents of the case

suitsuit washing machine suitcase
washing machine suitcase by suitsuit.com

4. You’ll never miss another flight connection with this scooter case

samsonite scooter suitcase
scooter suitcase by samsonite.com

5. Suitcase stickers will make you stand out … and might make your trip through the security check take a bit longer

suitcase stickers by thecheeky.com

6. ATS (all-terrain suitcase) with shock-absorbing wheels for serious suitcase rollers

vvego ravven roll aboard
shock absorbing Ravven roll aboard by Vvego.com

7. A gas can shaped suitcase … don’t worry it’s non-flammable and won’t go against your liquids allowance

GasCase suitcase
GasCase suitcase by gasca.se

8. A bike that transforms into a suitcase … unfortunately it doesn’t actually have space for clothes

bike suitcase happy bicycle
bike suitcase by happybicycle.com

9. This skeletal Samsonite luggage designed by Alexander McQueen will be the envy of all fashionistas and anatomy teachers

alexander mcqueen samsonite luggage
skeleton luggage by Alexander McQueen for Samsonite

10. Customize your suitcase with retro dots in the design of your choice

dot drops customized suitcase
dotdrop customizable suitcase by mydotdrops.com

Which one is your favorite?

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