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Do you remember what airlines like British Airways and Delta Air Lines‘ logos were like in the 60s? Would you like to see the evolution of some of the world’s major airlines’ logos? We’ve gone back in time to see how the design has changed for each of these airline brands and to find out a bit more about each of their histories.

British Airways

  • First passenger flight: 1919.
  • First route: London – Paris.
  • First international route: London – Mwanza (Tanzania).

Air France

  • First passenger flight: 1933.
  • First route: Paris – London.
  • First international route: Paris – New York.

Evoluzione logo Air France

Delta Air Lines

  • First passenger flight: 1929.
  • First route: Dallas – Jackson, Mississippi

Evoluzione logo Delta


  • First passenger flight: 1927.
  • First route: Madrid – Barcelona.
  • First international route: Madrid Lisbon.

Evoluzione logo IberiaKLM

  • First passenger flight: 1920.
  • First route: London – Amsterdam.
  • First international route: Amsterdam – Jakarta.

Evoluzione logo KLM


  • First passenger flight: 1947.
  • First route: Turin – Rome – Catania.
  • First international route: Rome – Oslo.

Evoluzione logo Alitalia


  • First passenger flight: 1926.
  • First international route: Frankfurt – New York.

Evoluzione logo Lufthansa

Thai Airways

  • First passenger flight: 1960.
  • First route: Bangkok – Hong Kong, Taipei and Tokyo
  • First international route: Bangkok – Sydney through Singapore.

Evoluzione logo Thai Airways


  • First passenger flight: 1924.
  • First route: Charleville Cloncurry.
  • First international route: Brisbane – Singapore.

Evoluzione logo Qantas

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