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Looking for an island break? You’ll hardly need to look further than this sun-soaked central Mediterranean archipelago that’s part French, part Italian, part British, part all its own.

In case you’re thinking about visiting Malta, we give you a list of 13 things to do there.

1. Stand in Awe of the Azure Window

This spectacular natural limestone arch on the island of Gozo formed when two sea caves collapsed. Today it’s a popular spot for scuba diving, boating, swimming, and even the odd illegal cliff dive.

the azure window malta
@sonikovi via Instagram

2. Take a Walk through Mdina Old Town

Here we find one of the most well preserved ancient walled cities in all of Europe with a history dating back 4000 years. Still home to Malta’s noble families, descendants of Sicilian and Spanish overlords who made Mdina their home from the 12th century.

a tourist wander mdina old town malta
@i.fotini_kv via Instagram

3. Grab a Kannoli

A testament to the grand Italian influence on the island: these crunchy tube-shaped shells of fried pastry dough stuffed with flavoured ricotta cheese are everywhere. Try to leave buying just one, I failed miserably.

a kannoli dessert in malta
@reuabela via Instagram

4. See St John’s Co-Cathedral

This nearly 500 year old cathedral in Valletta is considered to be one of the finest examples of high Baroque architecture in all of Europe.

st john's co catherdral in valleta malta
@karuna_n via Instagram

5. Boat Out to the Blue Grotto

This sea cavern on Malta’s southern coast shines a brilliant blue from sunrise until 1 PM, the result of its perfect location allowing light to mirror the phosphorescent colours of the underwater flora. A boat trip to visit the caves is a must.

the blue grotto in malta
@aure_liien via Instagram

6. Get Historical at the National War Museum

One of Malta’s most popular museums is built on the site of an old armory and was the site of anti-aircraft gun training during WWII. Today it’s a great place to learn about Malta’s role in two world wars.

a bazooka at the national war museum malta
@jonsnowgettingexperienced via Instagram

7. Pace Yourself in Paceville

It wouldn’t be an island escape in the Med if there weren’t an opportunity to go wild at a long strip of bars, pubs, and clubs. St Julian’s Paceville offers just that.

a stretch of clubs in paceville malta
@alicemarvel via Instagram

8. Walk the Valletta Waterfront

Modern retail, dining, and leisure experiences along the water’s edge go head to head with points of interest like the historical Quay Wall and Power Station – all set against the exceptional backdrop of one of Europe’s great harbours.

a panoramic view of the valleta waterfront
@omar_indxb via Instagram

9. Feast on Bragioli

These bacon-stuffed, wine-braised beef rolls are known as ‘beef olives’ in the Anglo sphere even though the recipe has never included a single olive.

The world ‘olive’ is actually used to refer to any rolled slice of meat with stuffing, but you won’t care about the name the second you stuff yourself with these Maltese delights.

bragioli beef and olive stew malta
@meenchaekim via Instagram

10. Float Over the City at the Upper Barrakka Gardens

The highest point of the city walls hosts a public garden famous for monuments dedicated to local war heroes, politicians, and even Winston Churchill. It’s also got the greatest view of the Grand Harbour.

the upper barrakka gardens valleta malta
@valecb17 via Instagram

11. Cash in at the Casino Malta

It’s hard to balk at this 24-hour entertainment juggernaut featuring the latest in gaming technology, international poker tournaments, themed events, Vegas-style shows, and even free wifi and ice cream cocktails 😉

a roulette table at casino malta
@david.janes via Instagram

12. Put Down a Bowl of Bigilla

This traditional Maltese dish made of mashed beans with a touch of garlic and red pepper is the island’s answer to hummus. It’s equally delicious spread over bread or dipped with carrots.

a bowl of bigilla olive spread malta
@eatinmykitchen via Instagram

13. Go Way Back in Time at the Hagar Qim Temple

This megalithic temple complex and UNESCO World Heritage Site made of globigerina limestone is a unique architectural masterpiece that predates, well, just about everything.

It was built between 3700-3200 BC making it a veritable grandfather to other ancient monuments like Stonehenge or the Colosseum.

hagar qim temple in malta
@adri_mrvn via Instagram

That convinced me! Let’s get ourselves all booked up, shall we?


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