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We all love to travel…  And we love even more to travel and save money!

So we’re here to help you by providing advice on how to spend less on your travels!

We know that travelling for free it’s almost an impossible task, but we can always think of some ways to reduce costs. You only need the following items to start saving money while travelling: patience, creativity, a piece of paper and a pen to write down these tips.

consejos para ahorrar en los viajes

1. Book in advance

In January there are already some people that know the holidays calendar of the whole year. If you have the chance and if you know when you’ll be able to take some days off, try to book your trip several months in advance. You’ll notice the difference on the final price.

2. Travel during the low season

You can save a great amount of money on the plane ticket if you decide to travel during the low season. If you have availability and the weather conditions of the destination allow, keep that in mind when deciding the booking dates. Not only it will be cheaper but there will also be fewer people, so the landscapes will be more authentic and you’ll have beautiful travel photos.

trucos para ahorrar viajando

3. Fly during the week

Most people prefer to fly during the weekend, so the flights from Tuesday trough Thursday are usually cheaper. Travelling on a Wednesday could save you almost half the price of the ticket.

4. Do a stopover

A stopover is not always pleasant, but it’s very likely that for the money saved it’s worth the stop. In addition, if the stopover is long enough maybe you can have time to explore the city.

5. Search for cheap but good food

Street food is the best choice: the stalls on the street are an authentic way to discover the local gastronomy of the destination and they’re usually cheap. Avoid the main tourist areas and check out the places where the local queues are longer – it’s usually the perfect indication that the food is great and not expensive.

6. Free activities

Who said that you have to pay to visit the best places of a city? The national museums are usually free in specific days of the month, and the local markets, villages, parks, squares, churches and beaches are essential places to talk to people and get to know the local culture without having to spend money. Don’t forget street art, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to find it where you less expect it…

pareja en la playa - ahorrar viajando

7. Apartment, hostel or camping

A good alternative to hotels is to rent an apartment, especially for long stays because it will allow you to spend less money in accommodation. Arrive at your destination, take a tour and visit the apartment in person.

On the other hand, a hostel is certainly one of the most economical solutions: the beds are not expensive and although the lack of privacy and comfort can be a negative point, you can make new friends so that’s a great idea if you’re travelling alone

If you want to stay out of town on a beach or the mountains, look for a camping park or places where camping is allowed and free of charge.

8. Use public transportation

In most big cities the bus and metro are very efficient and practical. Get a a map with the main transportation lines and buy a daily or weekly pass to explore the city. You can even find deals for trains if booking in advance.


9. Rent a car

If the public transportation is poor or doesn’t provide the freedom that you need, rent a car. This option is especially recommended in cities where the gas is cheap.

10. Low-cost nightlife

Instead of spending money in a bar where the drinks are usually expensive, buy the drinks on the supermarket and have a sip before leaving your accommodation. Or if you prefer the street, join a group of university students – they certainly know where are the cheapest bars!

11. Plan your route

Regardless of the means of transportation you choose, you can always save time and money if you have a detailed itinerary. Pay attention to the distances, connections and focus on visiting nearby attractions on the same day. To help you in this matter, our guide “Low Cost Travel in Europe” will be of great help.

What about you? What advice or tips do you use to save money while travelling? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Before using public transportation compare regular fares with tourist tickets – those tourist
    cards are not always bargains and can be heavily overpriced.

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