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It’s no secret that we Europeans love to travel, and why not?  It’s fantastic! But in light of the current economic crisis, have our travelling habits changed? Has the current economic instability clipped our wings? When it comes to holidays, what are the new trends? To find answers to these questions, eDreams has launched a survey in six European countries (Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, the United Kingdom and Germany), where more than 2,500 people participated.

Our findings were compiled in the report Travelling in Times of Crisis. Have a look, and let us know if you agree or disagree with the answers provided by the participants. Here´s a preview. 

Travelling in times of crisis

What are we prepared to give up so we can travel?

The study showed that Europeans prefer to spend less money on clothes (25%) and technological devices (21%) before they give up travelling. Likewise, 24% of participants confessed that when on holiday they shop less, a further 21% try to save as much as possible on flight tickets, and others (20%) avoid dining at expensive restaurants.

When, how, with whom, where?

Europeans normally book their holidays for a period of 1 or 2 weeks, and normally travel with their partner or their family. Promotions have become increasingly more important; this trend is more apparent in countries such as Portugal, where 84% of respondents admitted that they always search for interesting deals before booking a holiday. In contrast to this, in Germany relatively few people search for discounts (22%).

When it comes to exotic long haul destinations, European travellers prefer places such as Tunisia and Morocco; within Europe, Paris and London continue to rank as the most popular cities.

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