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The one question that pops into everyone’s head when they first board a flight is: who will I sit next to?

If you’re travelling with friends it’s easy to answer, but if you’re travelling alone that’s a whole different story…

Even though there’s no end to the list when it comes to the characters we can cross paths with in a lifetime, we’ve narrowed it down to 15 different types of fliers that seem to be the norm when it comes to the luck of the draw and being stuffed in a row of three seats.

TV Land airplane golden girls bea arthur headlock

1. The Armrest Hog

There should be at least one armrest for everyone, but you got stuck in the middle and both of your neighbors decided to rest both arms, leaving you with your arms smooshed between their protruding elbows.

2. The Chatterbox

Having a friendly neighbor is fun on a short-haul flight, but long-haul flights can get tricky when all you want is a bit of shut eye and your seatmate just has to tell you about their friend’s brother’s sister’s trip to Timbuktu.


3. The Tiny Bladder

You seriously consider giving up your aisle seat to your neighbor when every 5 minutes you have to unbuckle your seatbelt and get up after you just managed to fall asleep.

bathroom hama house emergency

4. The Loud Mouth

For some odd reason you can hear the conversation going on in seat 2A when you’re all the way back in 32F.

The Ed Bassmaster Show cmt megaphone

5. The Seat Kicker

It’s understandable that a couple times you’ll end up bumping your knees against the seat in front of you, but you’re beginning to feel like you’re getting a shiatsu massage from the passenger behind you.

Cheezburger airplane annoying rugrats seat kicking

6. The Heavy Metaler

Time for some peace and quiet and your neighbour has heavy metal blaring on his headphones at 150% of the volume capacity, needless to say you’ll learn the order of his playlist during the flight.

happy dancing law school jogging lsat

7. The Snorer

– When you ask the flight attendant if they have any ear plugs on hand and she says they don’t you seriously consider jabbing your neighbour in the ribs everytime he lets out a snore.

The Simpsons homer simpson episode 10 season 13 13x10

8. The Fearful Flier

Your arm is slowly losing feeling as your neighbor cuts off the circulation from gripping it too hard during take off, any sign of turbulence (even if it was just the food trolley bumping down the aisle), and landing.


9. The Seatbelt Stealer

Everytime the fasten seatbelt sign lights up you are mysteriously missing yours.

The Simpsons season 10 episode 23 safety beeping

10. The Workaholic

Your neighbour must have a deadline coming up because he has typed at a speed that has made the tray table nearly pop off.

computer office jim carrey working keyboard

11. The Book Worm

Is that book number 7 already? And you thought a flight from London to Paris was considered short-haul.

The X-Files the x files books reading x files

12. The In-Flight Entertainer

Forget about the entertainment provided by the airline, you’ve got comedic relief on your right for the whole flight, whether you like it or not.


13. The Gamer

Mario Brothers is a great game, but the theme song can get old after awhile when your neighbor forgets (deliberately) to turn off the sound on his device. You’ve now counted that he’s collected two-thousand three-hundred and seventy-nine coins.

Kiszkiloszki game death dead mario

14. The Sicky

Pondering if whatever they have is contagious while you turn your personal fan on full blast and contemplate the air circulation on board.

sick flu coughing sick day cough

15. The Clapper

The plane has finally touched down and someone just had to clap. Maybe it was the fearful flier who was overwhelmed with joy that they made it safely.

GIPHY Originals excited yes applause clapping

Comment below and share an experience with one of the 15 types… Or suggest a 16th!

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