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With brilliant shades of gold, amber and burnt orange, Autumn leaves adorn the landscape in Andalucia this season, lending even more charm to this part of Spain. Comprised of eight provinces including Almeria, Cadiz, Cordoba, Granada, Huelva, Jaen, and the capital, Seville, Andalusia’s inviting Mediterranean climate is an ideal destination to go on holiday.

Tourists can enjoy many activities on a holiday in Andalucia, including indulging in the culinary landscape, which is also a dream. Mushrooms are in season and add rich flavors to many traditional dishes. Jamon Iberico, freshly made Mosto and chestnuts ready to roast are also popular this time of year and form a delicious Autumnal palette. In Andalucia, activities are also singular, offering tourists a wide array of things to do to ensure they make the most of their fall holiday. From a relaxing retreat to exhilarating golf and artisanal shopping experiences, check out our list of how you can enjoy Autumn in Andalucia.

Ultimate Golf Experience

If you love this sport, do not hesitate to play a few holes in Andalucia. There are a few magnificent golf courses to choose from including in the Costa del Sol, where more than half of the golf courses in Andalucia are located; the Cadiz province with its idyllic beaches and beautiful inland villages; the Costa Tropical which combines sun and beach or golf and snow; the province of Almería which boasts dessert-like landscapes; or the province of Huelva with wild environments such as the National Park of Doñana fields. With so many enticing options for a game of golf, sport enthusiasts need only choose the field that best suits their handicap and …play!

Golfing in Andalucia
Golfing in Andalucia

Relaxing Retreat in a Turkish Bath

The Arab heritage is present in much of the Andalusian culture. It is present in the gastronomy, architecture and health and beauty rituals. If a relaxing holiday is what you have in mind, look no further than the Turkish baths in Andalusia. One of the destinations we recommend to enjoy true relaxation is Linares de la Sierra, a village surrounded by beautiful chestnut and oak trails, where a genuine Arab hamman exists.

Turkish Baths in Andalucia

Artisanal Shopping

If part of the charm in travelling is to find unique products, Andalucia has wonderful locations were you can find artisanal and unique products. For this experience, we recommend visiting Alpujarra, Almeria. Here you will find handmade products, and can also enjoy typical gastronomic delights of the region which consists of 100% organic foods, including wines and cheeses.

Artisan products to shop.

From the beautiful landscapes in Autumn to the intoxicating culture, Andalucia is a true gem in Spain. Explore it!

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