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Nothing says “I love you dad” like a gift that’s made with love. This Father’s Day, make the gift extra–special with some unique tips on a gift Dad will always remember.

Give dad a day off

man on hammock
Photo by yellow leaf hammocks via flickr

From working, to putting the kids to bed and helping with house chores, some dads are pretty busy. Treat dad this Father’s Day with a day off from all of his obligations and their kids’ attitudes. Dad will thank you for the moment of relaxation.

Take a Father and Son/Daughter Trip

father and son travel
Photo by Sonny Abesamis via Flickr

At eDreams, we think it’s better to make memories than buy gifts. Why not take your Dad on a vacation? Check out the top 20 destinations to take dad on Father’s Day, complete with an interactive map and suggested activities for every type of dad.

A Father’s Day breakfast in bed

breakfast in bed
Photo by elisabet.s via Flickr

Surprise! Moms are not the only ones that would appreciate a delicious breakfast in bed. Start your dad’s Father’s Day with a smile and a hearty breakfast.

Help Decorate Dad’s Office

portrait of dad
Photo by Mitch via Flickr

Mothers: Let your children’s inner Picasso shine with an inspired drawing of dad. Dad’s really love this stuff, and your children’s art is guaranteed a spot, front and centre, on dad’s office desk.

Quality time

Black and White chess match
Photo by Brian Auer via Flickr

He’s taken you to all of your dance rehearsals, watched you play soccer and cried at your first swim meet win. Let the tables turn and spend some quality time with dad doing one his favourite activities. Whether its listening to music, watching his favourite movie on the couch or playing a round of chess, we guarantee dad will cherish this moment.

Remind Dad he’s cool

dad selfie
Photo by Bruno Cieri via Flickr

Maybe your papa isn’t hip yet to Instagramming, Pinteresting or Snapchatting, but on this special day, remind them they are the coolest, even if that means taking part in a “dad selfie” where half off your face is cut off.

A few of his favourite things

dad gifts
Photo by vicki moore via Flickr

Like anyone you’ve ever met, dads also have unique tastes. What better way to show dad how much you care, than with a gift basket filled with a few of their favourite things!

We hope you found some great ideas on how to celebrate your Dad this Father’s Day. From all of us, Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dads out there. You guys rock!

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