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Want to make the holidays a special time this year but don’t want to break the bank? Giving your loved ones something surprising without falling into the red can be quite a challenge. But here at eDreams, we love a challenge. That’s why we’ve composed this list of hand-made ideas for the Christmas period. Remember – something you’ve gone to the trouble of making yourself is always more meaningful.

How to Wrap Presents with Originality

Christmas brings out the little kid in all of us and a well wrapped gift, adorned with frills and bows, can create more excitement than the contents. In her blog, Karen gives up step by step instructions complete with pictures.

A Coupon Book with One for Each Month of the Year

Here’s a gift which is very easy to make and can be used for any occasion – from birthdays to Valentine’s Day, and you can include whatever you want. Make a voucher for a romantic dinner for two, an evening of babysitting for a friend, a movie and popcorn afternoon, a massage or a bouquet of flowers – there’s no limit to the amount of things you can do. Either make it by hand, or print coupons.

Candy Making Kits

Ideal for recipients with a sweet tooth, and great for givers with little time on their hands. With this gift you choose a recipe for a biscuit, cake or sweet, attach it to a jar and put all the ingredients (except for those that are perishable) inside. Then the person who receives it gets to make the yummy treats themselves. Bree gives a recipe on her blog especially for Shakespeare lovers.

Christmas Tree Decorations

When you make a list of things to do for Christmas, decorating the tree is undoubtledly a favourite task. But each year it gets more and more difficult to make it look different from the year before. So on her blog, Ashley shows a simple way to make an original and inexpensive garland for decorating the tree.

Oh-so Ho Ho Ho Desserts

The gifts have been wrapped, the tree is decorated, now the only thing missing is the food. Since grandmothers and mothers are usually in charge of the mains, we can work with the desserts. How about brownies wearing Santa hats? Daisy gives you the full recipe – original as well as scrumptious.

Christmas Feel all over the House

Lisa talks us through how to make some very easy ornaments with the help of the littlest people in the house. Put the decorations on the tree, hang them on the banister, or the fireplace… All you need is coloured paper and a stapler. See Lisa’s blog for more information.

Festive Place Settingsplace setting

Sometimes you don’t need more than some colourful paper, a few clips and a houseplant to make your dinner table look phenomenal  All you have to do is follow Caroline’s simple instructions.

Which of the ideas did you think was the most original? Or do you have any ideas for decorating the house this Christmas? Share your comments below…

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