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Do you know where Santa Claus lives?

Today we invite you to discover the official hometown of Father Christmas, the place where he spends most of the year reading letters sent by children from around the world, building toys with his elves and getting everything ready in time for Christmas!

Welcome to Rovaniemi (Lapland), a place where fantasy and reality are intertwined!

Here’s a list of 20 things you can do in and around Rovaniemi:

1. Start by visiting Santa’s Village

Forget the usual Christmas markets, this is the place where you can meet Father Christmas on any day of the year!

Rovaniemi, Lapland
Source: ndgphotographie via Instagram

2. Stop at Santa’s post office…

And send a postcard to your family and friends. The elves will seal your letter with an authentic Arctic Circle seal!

Rovaniemi, Lapland
Source: nfpaulo via Instagram

3. Visit Father Christmas in his office

But don’t stick around too long, he’s very busy this time of year!

Santa's office
Source: santaclausoffice via Instagram

4. Discover SantaPark

It’s a magical world where children can explore the Cave of Father Christmas, see the Ice Gallery, admire a collection of impressive ice sculptures, and even go on a trip to Santa’s toy factory.

Source: lovellyem via Instagram

5. Sign up for a crash course at the “Elf School”!

And become one of Santa’s helpers!

Elf School

6. Spend a night at the Arctic Snow Hotel

It’s a hotel made ​​entirely out of ice, and feel like a real Eskimo!

Arctic Snow Hotel,
Source: Arctic Snow Hotel

7. And while you’re there…

Don’t miss the opportunity to relax at the amazing ice spa!

Ice spa - Arctic Snow Hotel
Source: Arctic Snow Hotel

8. Try the local food!

If you love comforting Christmas food, then this is for you! The main ingredients used in Lappish cuisine include reindeer meat, salmon, fresh fish and wild berries.

Lappish cuisine
Source: thefoodtripper via Instagram

9. Go on a snowmobile safari

Give Santa a break, and discover the surrounding nature on a snowmabile, organized by Safartica.

snowmobile safari
Source: Safartica

10. Learn all about ice fishing…

ice fishing
Source: Safartica

11. And set up a campfire and cook what you caught!

Lapland gastronomy
Source: Safartica

12. Stop to admire the Aurora Borealis

The popular and incredibly unique spectacle of lights.

Aurora Borealis
Source: Safartica

13. Make your own snow sculptures!

With so much snow in sight, how could you not have a go at making your own snow sculptures? Let your creativity run wild!

Snow sculptures
Source: Arctic Snow Hotel

14. Enjoy a reindeer sleigh ride…

Reindeer sleigh ride
Source: Safartica

15. …or experience a Huski sled ride!

Huski sled ride
Source: katrihan via Instagram

16. Visit Joulukka

It’s a Christmas theme park (16 km from Rovaniemi) that offers various workshops and activities, like making your own gingerbread cookies.

Source: mamengracia via Instagram

17. Put on a pair of showshoes….

And embark on your very own expedition.

Lapland expedition

18. Feeling adventurous?

Try completing the Auttikongas hiking route. It’s only 3.5 km long!

Source: heidiskaia via Instagram

19. Visit the Ranua Wildlife Park

It’s about an hour drive from Rovaniemi and it’s the home to over 50 different animal species!

Ranua Wildlife Park
Source: laurana_lifethrualens via Instagram

20. If all of the above sounds good…

Take a photo of Santa Claus, participate in our #findingsanta contest and let us take you to Lapland!

# findingsanta
Source: lovellyem via Instagram

How much do you want to travel to Santa Clauses village?

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