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Shimmering lights adorning the boulevards, roasted chestnuts overflowing in the Christmas markets and mulled wine to warm even the coolest of nights. Christmas is one of the most anticipated times of the year and if one should happen to holiday at or reside in London, the magic of the holiday season will delight. But what to do in London at Christmas time? From Trafalgar Square to Covent Garden and beyond, Christmas in London is an experience unlike any other. Here’s our list of the best things to do in London at Christmas.

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square, London, during Christmas
Photo by Diamond Geezer via Flickr

Trafalgar Square during Christmas is a sight to see. A majestic Norwegian tree, a gift from Oslo to the city annually, is the main feature of the square, and is eloquently accompanied by Nelson’s Column, which is also brilliantly lit up. Activities in Trafalgar Square during the holidays include the Christmas tree lighting, Carol singing underneath the tree and a torch lit procession for the blessing of the crib.

London at Night

Christmas decorations in London
Photo by Pug Girl, via Flickr

Few things are more beautiful than the vastness of London filled with twinkling lights, casting a glow over the city. Though there are many wonderful Christmas-themed activities and sights during the day, visitors can capture a new side of London at night.

Ice Skating at Somerset House

Ice skating in the Somerset Ice Rink
Photo by Susanne via Flickr

Catch a glimpse of the grandeur of Somerset House and ice skate on the 900-m2 outdoor rink. Located in the heart of London, between the Strand and the River Thames, Somerset House is an iconic location in London, housing one of the area’s most loved rinks. It’s one of the most popular things to do in London at Christmas time, so make sure you plan ahead and book your slot before you go!

Leadenhall Christmas Market

Leadenhall Market in London
Photo by Jack Torcello on Flickr

Your heart will overflow with Yule time cheer the instant you step inside the closed market of Leadenhall. The market is one of the oldest in London, dating back to the 14th century, and is located in the city’s historic centre. The ornate ceiling and magnificent Christmas tree there, is the perfect setting for getting away from the winter chill, while still enjoying the splendor of the season.

Drink Mulled Wine

Drinking Mulled Wine in London
Photo by Dave Pearce via Flickr

‘Tis the season to warm up with mulled wine. If you are visiting London at Christmas time, take a trip to Southbank Centre and browse through the market for gift inspiration while sipping on warm, spiced mulled wine. It’s the perfect time of year to enjoy!

Take a Ride

Horse-drawn carriage in London
Photo by Lludo via Flickr

In a city filled with history and charm, what could be better than taking in the city view on a horse-drawn carriage? Tours are offered throughout the Christmas season and it is sure to please visitors wishing for a unique London experience.

Enjoy Childlike Merriment

Southbank Ferris Wheel & Carousel
Photo by Thom via Flickr

Part of the joy of the season is to lose all of your inhibitions and enjoy the Christmas season in the same way you did as a child: In blissful merriment. Locations like London’s Hyde Park Winter Wonderland with favourites including the Winter Wonderland Express and the Power Tower and the Southbank Market with carousel and Ferris wheel are great places to feel like a kid again.

Eat Roasted Chestnuts

Roasted Chestnuts in London markets
Photo by Garry Knight via Flickr

Magnificent chestnuts are roasted throughout London this time of year and are truly one of the more iconic symbols of the season. Chewy, full of flavour and perfectly warm, many markets sell this Christmas staple. Try it, indulge and enjoy!

St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul Cathedral London
Photo by Paul Wilkinson via Flickr

Christmas in London is not complete without a trip to St, Pauls Cathedral, Sitting at the highest point in the city of London, St Paul’s is an Anglican cathedral from the seventeenth century. Rich with the city’s history and overflowing with the spirit of Christmas, the church’s Christmas concerts are beautiful and worth experiencing.

Look Up

City Lights, London
Photo by Pug Girl via Flickr

It’s free to do in London, and no matter where you look, the view is stunning. London during Christmas is filled with lights that adorn the city scape. Enjoy the view and look up.

A Toast to the Holiday

London's pubs during Christmas
Photo by Cristian Bortes via Flickr

You’ve made it to London, have explored all of the amazing destinations the city has to offer and are truly in awe of Christmas spent in London. Say cheers to enjoying the marvellous holiday during this magical time of year. There are plenty of pubs in the city that are proper for toasting. And bonus; It will keep you warm.

Shopping Delights

Shopping in London
Photo by Christian Bortes via Flickr

Now that you’re in London, why not enjoy the magnificent Boxing Day or January Sales? Eager shoppers from across the world flock to London during this time in the hopes to get the best bargains on their most desired products. The sales are spectacular!

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