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It seems like Christmas was ages ago, but the skinny jeans that won’t fit remind you that it was just a few weeks ago. So there hasn’t been enough time to fulfill one of the most important resolutions of the year: go on a diet. Starting the year with a long list of resolutions is great, but it’s also depressing when you only end up doing 10%!

Don’t worry, it’s not your fault! It could be that they weren’t properly set. Besides, you don’t need to write a long list of resolutions because you only need one thing to fulfil all of them: to TRAVEL!

Read on and discover how to travel on a budget!

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London: Culture for all budgets 


You don’t have to break the bank to go to London. Here are some of the reasons why we’ve chosen London in our top European low cost destinations:

  • London’s top museums are free!
  • Stansted Airport works alongside the top low cost airlines, like easyJet, and connects to 50 destinations
  • There’s Free WiFi almost everywhere, even in the tube!

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Lisbon: Eating well doesn’t have to be expensive


It’s really hard to visit Lisbon and not fall inlove with the city:

  • The average price of a cup of coffee in Lisbon is £0.60 (0.80€)
  • You only need £2.20 (3€) to go around the best spots of the city. Just hop on Tram 28!
  • They have free museums all-year-round like for example, MUDE: Design & Fashion museum

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Madrid: if you’re looking for live music, you’ll find it here! 


There’s a lot of things to do in Madrid and most of the time, for free!

  • Free WiFi in most tourist hotspots
  • Jam sessions and live music in bars that turn into concert halls like for example, Café La Palma or La Boca del Lobo
  • Some museums, like Reina Sofía or Prado, are free in the afternoon and on Sundays

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Paris: Markets and museums


Paris is known to be expensive but we’ve found the cheapest things to do in the capital of France:

  • You can go shopping without spending too much in Marché aux Puces, the largest flea market in Paris
  • Some museums are free on the first Sunday of the month, Louvre is one of them!
  • Historic buildings like Notre Dame are mostly free to visit

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Budapest: Everything happens in the streets


Did you know that the cost of living in Budapest is 53% lower than in the UK? That pretty much explains how low cost the city is!

  • Pay as little as £0.90 (1.30€) for a pint of Beer!
  • They have a lot of art galleries and you can visit them even if you don’t want to buy anything
  • It’s pretty common to find piano concerts at the Andrassy avenue

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Rome: One big historic open-air museum


The best thing about Rome is that most of their historic buildings are in the streets. But there are other cheap things to do:

  • Churches are an important part of the heritage of Rome and Italy. They’re all free!
  • There are a lot of cultural associations and spaces like the Circolo di Artisti. They offer a wide variety of  events and most of them are free!
  • Trust us, try the street food!

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Berlin: Street culture and clothes by the kilogram


This city has the biggest open-air museum in Europe (the East Side Gallery):

  • Visit the second hand thrift shops. Did you know that they sell clothes by the kilogram?
  • It’s a tradition to eat curry wurst in the street and it’s pretty cheap!
  • The Berlin Philharmonic offers free concerts every week

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Amsterdam: All you need is a bicycle


Rent a bicycle! That’s all you need to discover every little corner of Amsterdam. These are some things that we recommend to do in “the Venice of the north”:

  • You’ll find live music in most of their parks
  • There are a lot of art galleries and free museums. Check the dates before you go!
  • For cheap shops and food, head over to the biggest market in Amsterdam: Albert Cuypmarkt

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Barcelona: Day itineraries and long walks 


Barcelona has the perfect size to discover the whole city in a couple of days:

  • Museums are free on the first Sunday of every month
  • Tibidabo has the best views of the city and it’s just a few minutes away from the city centre
  • There are great bars around the city. We recommend “Mediterráneo” because you can listen to live music for as low as the price of a pint

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What are you waiting for to travel to one of these destinations?

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