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Got it in your head to give Rome a try some day soon? Don’t leave without reading this list of reasons to love the city!

If this list of 14 reasons to love the Italian capital isn’t enough to convince you to fly there, we suggest drooling over these 20 desserts that will transport you to Rome.

But before reading the list… We recommend watching the Rome CityZoom video to discover some lesser-known facts about this city!

It’s the Home of Pasta Cacio e Pepe

A decadent staple in Roman cuisine which translates unappetisingly to ‘pasta with cheese and pepper’ but satisfies lovers of creamy pasta and pecorino cheese with ease.

cacio and pepe pasta rome
@anticapesa via Instagram

The People Watching from the Spanish Steps

The 136 steps overlooking historic Piazza di Spagna and the luxurious retail street Via Condotti frame the city’s style, history, and tourist hustle and bustle like nothing else.

the spanish steps rome
@yuentingyeap via Instagram

You Get to Walk Through Art

It’s a lot like that Take on Me video from the 80’s only substitute the racing with places responsible for changing the course of human history – make sure that camera battery is charged.

colosseum rome
@beteambrogi via Instagram

Taking a Stroll Along the Tiber in the Evening

Rome is known as a chaotic city but a quick escape for a stroll along the banks of the Tiber river can recharge anyone’s batteries without having to leave the city.

the tiber river rome
@beba0566 via Instagram

Gigantic Squares of Quality Pizza

Invented in Rome, pizza al taglio (literally ‘by the cut’) lets you order square pieces of your favourite pizza by weight – who wouldn’t wanna order a couple of kilos of a classic?

pizza al taglio rome
@maniinpastapizza via Instagram

The Mysterious Pantheon

The most well-preserved ancient Roman monument has the largest unsupported dome in the world.

The exact composition of its materials are still unknown, only that’s it’s very similar to modern day concrete – it’s known to be the only structure of its size in the world to have survived the damage of time and gravity for so long.

the pantheon rome
@dariusaryadigs via Instagram

The Invasion of Unwanted Foreigners

Yes, locals use the word ‘invasion’ when describing the activities of these beautiful green parrots who magically showed up (some say from South America or Asia) in the early 1990’s – but who can deny their beauty?

green parrots rome
@paper.leaf via Instagram

The Always Delicious Pasta All’Amatriciana

This hearty pasta sauce made of cured pork cheek (guanciale), pecorino romano cheese, and tomato is as comforting a cuisine as they come and is another Roman classic.

pasta alla amatriciana rome
@emy___t via Instagram

The Imperfections of a City

There’s something oddly endearing about a first-world capital city that knows it’s on display for the world… yet can’t help having their metro trains look like the distopian subway system in 90’s video game classic Final Fight. Rome can be a bit rough around the edges but that’s part of its charm.

@fedetoth via Instagram, @giantbomb.com
@fedetoth via Instagram, @giantbomb.com

The Traditional Post-Dinner Gelato Walk

Especially in the summer there’s nothing better than burning off all those calories from that big meal by going for a walk – with some ice cream! OK, so it’s not the healthiest choice but take a scoop of nocciola (hazlenut) or cocco (coconut) and tell me you care.

gelato rome
@joakimholstroghell via Instagram

The Versatility of Campo de’ Fiori

This two-faced square in the Perione District is another of Rome’s jewels – what was once the site of horse races and executions is now a bustling market by day and the beating heart of Rome’s nightlife scene by night.

campo dei fiori rome
@eleila08 via Instagram

The Public Drinking Fountains Are Really Good

OK, so the translation might sound strange but the 2500+ nasoni (big noses) found in the city have been giving Romans quality, ice cold drinking water for free since 1874.

Make sure you plug the fountain with one hand so the water sprays out a tiny hole further up the spout making it easier to drink.

nasoni drinking fountain rome
@ggregh via Instagram

The Unmistakeable Smell of Fresh Coffee

It’s hard to get a better cuppa than Rome. Smack in the middle of the Prati District is the historic Sciascia Caffè with their famous cappuccino poured over a dollop of chocolate – if you don’t believe me believe the 2000+ customers that get their fix there daily.

espresso rome
@villa_europe via Instagram


The last surviving bit of medeival Rome charms with its crumbling buildings scattered among trendy bars, claustrophobic lanes, the Basilica of Santa Maria, and even a foreign language cinema – but the €1.50 Peronis beers at Bar San Calisto might be the one thing calling Romans to this side of the river!

trastevere neighbourhood rome
@lorena_gonzalez1711 via Instagram

Molto bene! Let’s get the next flight out shall we?

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