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In many countries around the world, the Christmas season is a special time that inspires festive culinary delights not frequented year-round. In Great Britain for example, the Christmas Pudding is highly anticipated, in the US the sweet smell of roasted ham fills the air in most homes on Christmas Eve, in Spain Turron is a Christmas holiday staple and the list goes on and on!

In just about every country around the world, the Christmas season is a special time that inspires festive culinary delights not frequented year-round. For example, in Great Britain, the Christmas Pudding is highly anticipated, in the US the sweet smell of roasted ham fills the air in most homes on Christmas Eve, and Spain enjoy a Turron at Christmas time.

Since Christmas season is well under way and this particular holiday brings about such tasty dishes, we’re taking you on a quick tour around the world through one of our favorite vices: Food.

Roasted Lamb


Roast Lamb
Photo: Javier Lastras vía Flickr

They say that lamb is at its perfection when it melts in your mouth. Likewise, the key to a delicious and tender roast lamb is ensuring the meat is fresh, and seasoned well. The longer it is marinated, the better. In Spain, the classic Christmas recipe is roast lamb prepared with wine, water, bay leaf, lemon, oil and garlic. Consequently, the aroma that fills the house while the roast cooks is common among Spanish households and is also a nostalgic reminder of the Christmas season .

Bûche de Noël


Yuletide Log
Photo: Amy Ross vía Flickr

The famous Bûche de Noël or Yuletide Log, is the main star on the Christmas dining table in France. Though there are many varying recipes, the most traditional and popular log is the one that is made with sponge cake and chocolate icing. Above all, it is the decoration of this delicacy which is the most important aspect. In other words, the more real the log appears the better!

Roasted Sweet Ham with Pineapple

United States

Sweet Ham with Pineapple
Photo: Vox Efx vía Flikr

In United States, the dish that evokes smiles and brings merriment on Christmas Eve is the roast ham with pineapple In a country where barbecues reigns supreme and bacon is king, there is nothing sweeter or more anticipated than the Christmas ham, which is roasted for hours and adorned with slices of pineapple and cherries. Other holiday staples are also the Gingerbread cookies and turkey.

Christmas Pudding

United Kingdom

christmas pudding
Photo: Meal Makeover Moms via Flickr

Cinnamon, dates, ginger and nuts: Is there ever a wonder why Christmas Pudding is the perfect Christmas dessert after a satisfying Christmas Eve dinner? The magic definitely happens when the Christmas pudding is flambéed with Brandy; delicious!

Farofa with Bacon


farofa with bacon
Photo: Patricia Oliveira via Flickr

Brazil’s warmer climate make it easy for them to forget the soup during Christmas. Here, the influence and taste profile is Portugese and while bacalao is very popular, there are other delicacies like the farofa, made with toasted manioc flour.

Lechon Kawali


lechon kawali
Photo: @annemae0127 via Instagram

The Philippines are one of the few Asian countries where Christmas is celebrated. Especially within their houses, which they start decorating full of colours and Christmas spirit from mid-October. One of the main Christmas recipes is Kawali: Tender and crispy pork, garnished with rice and oyster sauce.



Photo: @amirelei via Instagram

Lebkuchen or “ginger bread” is a very typical Christmas dessert in Germany, and one that is delicious! This cake-like cookie is one that can be found in various locations, especially in the Christmas markets.

Cappelletti in brodo


cappelletti in brodo
Photo: @fcaamenabar via Instagram

In the chilly December month, soup is a staple. Many Christmas recipes in Italy do not carry meat, due to the religious traditions in the country. Cappelletti (or tortellini), is the exception. Often eaten on Christmas eve, despite it being filled with chicken and ricotta and cooked in capon broth .



melomakarona, greek desserts
Photo: @monsieurpavlos via Instagram

Sweet and delicate, these Christmas treats are made with flour, olive oil, and honey. They are guaranteed to be found in most Greek homes during Christmas.



Photo: @emporio26 via Instagram

It could not be any other way: In Portugal, the main dish is delicious cod, or bacalhau. The traditional way to prepare this for Christmas is boiled with potatoes and vegetables.

Barszcz con pierogi


barszcz, red soup
Photo: @tapendapl via Instagram

Poland is filled with Christmas traditions and a few superstitions. One of the superstitions is that for Christmas Eve, the table must be set with 12 plates (in honor of the 12 Apostles), and served, is the red soup or barszcz, made with beets and often accompanied by pierogi.



halaszle, fish soup
Photo: @buusviktoria via Instagram

A traditional Christmas Eve dish in this country is fish soup or halászlé, although the dinner table is also adorned with other lovely meat dishes and sweets, of which a favourite is a cake with honey and nuts.


What’s your favourite food to eat at Christmas time? 

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