Palma de Mallorca holiday packages

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Flight and hotel Palma Majorca

Visit Beautiful Palma Majorca

Palma Majorca is the historic capital city of Majorca, one of the Spanish Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean. Perfect for a weekend break, Palma Majorca now attracts visitors from all over the world to its airport hub and impressive seaport. The island itself boasts a wealth of golden beaches with crystal clear waters. The ancient city of Palma is situated in front of a mountainous backdrop and, along with its famous Gothic cathedral and mix of Roman, Byzantine and Moorish architecture, you will never tire of the wonders that await around each corner.

Useful To Know Before Visiting Palma Majorca

Your flight to Palma Majorca will land at Palma Airport, which is 8km east of the capital. From there you can get to your hotel by either getting a taxi to Palma Majorca or the no.1 bus which will take you to Plaza de Espana (Spain square) in the city centre. The bus leaves every 15mins. The ease with which you can travel from the airport to your hotel makes Palma Majorca perfect for city breaks.

What Time Of Year Should You Visit Palma Majorca?

The hot weather in Palma Majorca makes it one of the best destinations for a package holiday so be sure to pack your sunscreen. Between June and September temperatures are consistently between twenty and thirty degrees Celsius and travellers still flock to the beaches up until late October. The popularity of the island means you have plenty of options for flights and hotels to Palma Majorca. However, due to the history and culture of the Palma Majorca, city breaks during the winter are just as popular as summer trips. With temperatures hovering around ten degrees Celsius it can be a welcome relief from the cooler regions of Northern Europe. You can get a flight from Dublin to Palma Majorca or a flight from Cork to Palma Majorca, in addition to many other UK airports.

What Should You Do In Palma Majorca?

Whether you are visiting Palma Majorca for a weekend or longer there is plenty to keep you entertained:

Where Should You Visit In Palma Majorca?

An island steeped in history, once your flight has landed in Palma Majorca and you are at your hotel, head out to indulge yourself in some beautiful Majorcan culture:

The Best Places To Eat In Palma Majorca

Whether you want a Michelin star restaurant or something less fancy, Palma Majorca has it all. For breakfast, go to Mise En Place in Plaza Mayor (main square) where you can eat some freshly cooked pastries and sip on a cup of coffee. For lunch, go to one of Palma Majorca's Michelin Star restaurants sich as Marc Fosh. Once you have watched the sunset over the hills, take a wander down to the sea front for dinner at Sa Roqueta. This is a very popular sea food restaurant which has a vibrant atmosphere in the evening.

What Are The Best Souvenirs To Bring Back From Palma Majorca?

Package holidays in Palma Majorca provide a great opportunity to visit the historical Andratx market and do some shopping. Based in a picturesque town located south-west of Majorca, it provides the perfect setting to buy gifts for loved ones. Alternatively, explore the centre of Palma Majorca where you will find many independent boutiques, such as Estila Sant Feliu, which specialises in handcrafted home wear made in a traditional Majorcan pattern. Package holidays in Palma Majorca also provide the chance for you to buy yourself a gift from one of many beachfront shops which sell towels, flip-flops, sunglasses and t-shirts that all have a Majorcan theme.