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Tahiti is one of the Society Islands (which are part of French Polynesia) located in the South Pacific. You have all seen the pictures: paradise islands surrounded by translucent aqua-coloured water!

But have you all dreamt of going? For some, the idea of lying under a palm tree and swimming in calm, tepid waters is heaven on earth. However, this may not appeal to all.

That is why we have compiled a list of 10 things you can do in Tahiti!

1.    Scuba diving and snorkelling

Get ready to explore the marine life around the island of Tahiti. The South Pacific is one of the most beautiful places in the world for doing so and you can see coral reefs, tropical fish and explore the underwater world. You can even feed sharks.

2.    Visit Papeete

If you travel to Tahiti you must visit the capital city, Papeete. One must-see is the local market, which is two stories and you can find anything from fruit and vegetables to clothing, accessories and souvenirs. Some of things you should consider taking home are dance costumes, a shell necklace, a pareu (typical clothing) and postcards.

3.    Tour the island

The island isn’t very big so you must go on a tour to discover the Arahoho blowhole, Les Trois Cascades (three waterfalls) and the Museum of Tahiti.

4.    Water sports

Tahiti is loved for its water sport opportunities. Some of the most popular are surfing, canoeing and kite surfing.

5.    Island hop

Imagine how exciting it would be to take off on an island-hopping trip of French Polynesia. You can hire a sailboat or a motorized canoe and there are also organised tours.

6.    Go on a safari

Discover what ecotourism is all about and get in touch with nature in Tahiti. Capture all of Tahiti’s best features: sunsets, sunrises, nature, landscapes and the coast.

7.    Golf

If you like golf there is no better place for a round than the Olivier-Breaud Golf Course which is located on the west side of the island and has 18 holes. The stunning setting is just perfect for a game while on holiday.

8.    Get married

Tahiti is the perfect setting for renewing your wedding vows or getting married. Picture a beach wedding with Tahitian music and dancers.

9.    Lie on the beach

Tahiti has two types of beaches. In the north you can find black sand beaches and in the south-west you can lie on white sandy beaches. Take your pick or try both.

10.    Go to a spa

When you are not out and about you should take advantage of the luxury spa treatments at your hotel or book into a spa centre.  This is the perfect way to make your holiday in paradise, heaven on earth.

After reading the whole list there is no doubt about it: Tahiti is a dream destination which is perfect for couples, newlyweds, explorers or anyone that wants to discover paradise and experience luxury.

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