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North of the Black Sea and bordered by the Russian Federation to the east and northeast Ukraine is the  largest country in Europe among those with their boundaries within the European continent. (The largest country in the world, Russia, spans not only across Europe but also across the entire northern part of Asia, while France, the second largest country in Europe includes territories in South America (French Guiana), the Caribbean (Guadeloupe, Martinique) and the Indian Ocean (Réunion and Mayotte).

Just like photographer Yuri Litvinenko pictures it, Ukraine is a fairy-tale land of endless fertile plains and plateaus, interrupted only by the Carpathian Mountains in the west and the Black and Azov Sea in the south.

Ukraine is one of the few places in the world where herds of wild horses still roam free.

Birds flying above the Black Sea

A peach orchard in spring

The same orchard during the snowy winter

The Tyligul River in the south of Ukraine

Swans flying over icy waters

Icy Carpathians

The Kuyalnik estuary, in the southwest part of the country

The Khotyn Fortress


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