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Are you flying somewhere soon? Sure you are 🙂 To make sure you have a pleasant flight we’ve made a list with 18 tips to be taken into consideration next time you fly. Read them and… enjoy your flight!

tips for a better flight

1. Before embarking a plane load your e-book reader with a few well written articles. Time will fly as you – literally fly.

2. You don’t have an e-book yet? Get a page-turner you’ve always wanted to read. Buy the book in advance, as airport books tend to be like fast food – you feel good about reading it in the beginning and they make you feel a little tired and unsatisfied in the end.

3. Feeling fidgety and in no mood for reading? Pick up some crosswords or Sudoku. Not into that either? Take a notepad for doodling or quick note-taking.

4. Feeling too tired and bored to do any of the above? Why don’t you try to catch a nap? If you left your neck pillow at home or checked it in (it happens to the best of us) roll a sweater and put it behind your neck. Sweet dreams.

5. Another thing you can do is grab a quick meal before flying. You’ll feel sleepy by the time the flight assistants start gesticulating and talking about the safety measures.

tips for a better flight

6. If you sit next to someone particularly chatty and you’re not in the mood, try not to be too friendly from the beginning of the flight. Otherwise you might have to fake a nap the whole time.

7. Bring earplugs. You never know when they might save your life if your seat neighbour is 6 years old (and not a nice, quiet kid).

8. The moment you notice any strange odors coming from the person next to you (and especially if you detect that the little person next to you is wearing diapers) save yourself before it’s too late. And it  will be too late if you take too much time to think about what is best to do. Invent an excuse and get up quickly, scanning quickly the seats to see if you can find a free one nearby.

tips for a better flight

9. Get an inflatable neck pillow. (And bring it in your hand luggage.) It will give your neck a rest and you won’t end up sleeping and drooling on your neighbour’s shoulder.

10. If you can choose your seats avoid the last row of seats and the ones close to the bathrooms; they’re the noisiest areas in a plane. If you end up on one of those, refer to tip no 7.

11. For long flight, try to get the corridor seat. It will be easy to get up from time to time and stretch.

12. If you fly with Ryanair try to get the seats close to the emergency exists, you’ll have plenty of leg room there.

13. Take off your shoes.

14. Use a sleeping mask.

tips for a better flight

15. Do you have sensitive eardrums? Chew some gum to protect them.

16. If your flight takes more than two hours and you’re not sleeping, get up every 50 minutes. Or at least move your feet: first your ankles, then your toes and knees.

17. Even if it’s summer, always carry an extra sweater or a hoodie with you. The air conditioning will never make you suffer again.

18. If you have a sensitive stomach or a history of car sickness, stop reading while the airplane takes off or lands.

Do you fly a lot? Share your tips! We want to try them next time we fly 🙂

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