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There is no other city like Athens, where the ancient and the contemporary mix so harmoniously together. When it comes to leisure and fun, the city offers its visitors countless choices that leave no wish unfulfilled. Athens has it all: beach, big-city charm, delicious food, endless shopping opportunities, museums, history and fascinating traditions.

We bring you the top 25 things you must do when in Athens:

1. Visit the Acropolis Museum and have lunch at their restaurant. Trust us, you’re in for a treat – this restaurant is currently among the top 5 museum restaurants in the world!

Acropolis Museum
supermakis via instagram

2. Stroll through the historic district of Plaka. For a spectacular panoramic view of the city, climb Lycabettus Hill. You won’t be disappointed!

Lycabettus Hill
travellingbearmd via instagram

3. Walk the street of Dionysiou Areopagitou from Acropolis to Keramikos and get a glimpse of the ancient ruins.

Dionysiou Areopagitou
o_pokopikos via instagram

4. Head over to Ermou St. and indulge in a little shopping. Here you can also visit the beautiful 11th century church of Kapnikarea.

church of Kapnikarea
dilekasan via instagram

5. Watch the sun set over the sea in Kastella.

libralove_r via instagram

6. Stop for lunch at one of the restaurants near the port of Mikrolímano and enjoy a fresh seafood platter.

port of Mikrolímano
rightamount via instagram

7. Spend a day relaxing at the beach in Flisvos.

piugethi via instagram

8. Discover the Panathenaic Stadium, the place where the first modern Olympic Games took place.

Panathenaic Stadium
brassingtonc via instagram

9. Enjoy local delicacies such as Gyros, Pikilia and Ouzo at the popular Thanasis tavern located right in the northeast corner of Monastiraki Square.

tavern Thanasis
danilebkuchen via instagram

10.The bakery Ta Serbetia stou Psyrri makes some of the best traditional desserts in town. Our favorites:  Baklava, Kataifi, Samali and Revani.

Greek desserts
kabba67 vis instagram

11. Have a coffee in Kolonaki Square and observe the passersby.

Kolonaki Square
grecia_bboutiquetravel via instagram

12. Spend Sunday morning at the flea market in Monastiraki Square. You’re sure to find some great trinkets!  

Monastiraki Square
nick_giakoumakis via instagram

13. Fancy swimming, sunbathing or snorkeling? No problem, Athens has some spectacular beaches. 

beach Athens
mariagostylish via instagram

14. Climb Kap Sounion, visit the marble temple dedicated to Poseidon, and watch the sun set over Athens.

Kap Sounion
susies_ithaca via instagram

15. Visit Agora (the old market place), once the meeting place of ancient philosophers. 

Agora Athens
rmartins_ssz via instagram

16. Discover the best of ancient and contemporary Athens at the National Archaeological Museum.

National Archaeological Museum Athens
elina7776 via instagram

17. If you love wine, you will be spoiled for choice at Fabrica de Vino, a popular restaurant with over 400 varieties of Greek wine.

Greek wine
sofiatselou via instagram

18. Don’t turn in early, stay out and enjoy the nightlife in Athens! Our tip: the Gin Joint, particularly known for its gin tonic,  is a good place to get started.

nightlife in Athens
nadiakout via instagram

19. Familiarize yourself with Greek history by visiting the temple of Olympieion, also known as the Temple of Olympian Zeus.

temple of Olympieion
priekshniece via instagram

20. Watch a show at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, a fabulous theater which can house up to 5000 people at a time.

Odeon of Herodes Atticus
rnrgr via instagram

21. Go to the restaurant Mezedopoleia in the district of Petralona. This is one of the best places to sample some delicious Greek tapas. 

Greek tapas
xjusme via instagram

22. Relax with a glass of wine at the Moorings restaurant while enjoying a breathtaking view of the sea.

vivasporades via instagram

23. Visit the Plato Academy and the National Library of Greece.

National Library of Greece
saxyluke via instagram

24. Take a break from sightseeing and stop for a cold beer at Barley Cargo.

Barley Cargo Athens
byron_koug via instagram

25. Explore Greek culture and history at the Benaki Museum.

Benaki Museum
thebenakimuseum via instagram

Ever been to Athens? Share your tips with us!

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