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Travelling is great. You get up with the sole purpose of exploring the unknown, you walk around, take photos, see amazing new things, make time to be surprised by architecture, colour, flavours.  You smile at people who walk by and they smile back at you. Your have one big worry all day long: what and where am I eating? The rest is, well… holidays.

But what if you could take a bit of the warm-heartedness and the overall good vibe with you, back home?

Plant some herbs on your windowsill

Remember that exotic fruit that you liked so much or that intriguing condiment you discovered in your last trip and can’t find at home? Grow it at home. Make sure it’s okay to travel with it, get the seeds and when you get home plant them. We really liked the idea of planting herbs in eggshells from Apartment Therapy.

Organize and cook a themed dinner

traditional Japanese dinner by smaku on flickr

Pretend you’re having dinner in one of the places you loved most. Cook a traditional dish, find a few decorative elements that remind you of the place, get dressed up. Have fun!

Be a tourist in your own town

image by Giampaolo Macorig on flickr

Sometimes we oversee beautiful things only because they are under our nose. Do you know your town like the back of your hand? Are there any places you never visited? Get out and discover them. Take a  sun hat, a bottle of water, some snacks and your camera and get exploring. You’ll be surprised by what you find.

What about you? Do you have more ideas or tips on how to keep the holiday spirit all year round?

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