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When you book a flight there are many considerations to take into account. Especially when looking at short haul routes, there is just so much choice. Of course price is one of the biggest deal breakers, which is why eDreams set out to reveal which airlines offer cheap flights worldwide.

According to the analysis, the Vietnamese airline Jetstar Pacific offers the world’s cheapest flights at € 8.55 per 100 miles. The British airline Monarch appears in second place with € 9.62 per 100 miles, and the Romanian Blue Air is the third at € 10.43 per 100 miles.

But when different arilines offer different routes to and from a range of airports, how can you make a fair comparison of price? I hear you ask. Well, this is why we took data from from the millions of bookings made through us in 2011. A price per 100 miles was calculated for each airline by dividing the total price paid (including taxes) by the total distance travelled in miles, and all this multiplied by 100.

“Many airlines claim to be inexpensive and these rankings give us a different insight into which are the cheapest airlines per mile flown,” says eDreams’ Chief Marketing Officer, Mauricio Prieto.

“With the current economic climate, more and more consumers are shopping around for flights because they want to get the most for their money. Using this list, customers can make an informed decision about which airline they want to fly with based on solid pricing data.”

Brits will be pleased to see that Monarch wasn’t the only cheap UK contender – Thomson Airways also made the top 10. Australia’s Tiger Airways wasn’t far behind in 11th place, and UK Easyjet came in 18th place. It’s also good to see that, with all top 14 places being occupied by low cost carriers, these airlines are as cheap as they say they are.

Get the full story at the eDreams cheap flights airlines study, and click on the image above to see the infographic.

Were you surprised by the results? Let us know what you think…

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