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What are you going to do with the freedom to travel once more? Moments we might have taken for granted before can turn out to be essential components to our overall happiness and well being. But what these moments are, and how we go about achieving them is different for every person.

Which of these lockdown personalities can you relate to the most?

I miss weekends away with my friends 

Is living alone making you go stir crazy? All you can think about is the old days when a weekend away with your friends to a city chosen at random after the 4th glass of wine was something so easy, so doable. It’s never too early to look forward to the great travels you still have to come. Check out these great destinations to enjoy with a group of friends: 

1. A weekend away in Wales

Group of friends in Snowdonia, Wales

Rent a cottage somewhere deep in the Welsh countryside and get stuck into some board games with your group of friends. If you can’t get to Wales, rent a car and head to your nearest countryside to unwind for the weekend.

2. Party it up in Prague

Girl in Old Town Square, Prague

If you’re more of a rowdy lot, you’re likely to prefer a weekend in Prague. Perch on the banks of the slow-flowing Vltava river whilst enjoying a pint of some of the best beer in the world. When sundown hits, head to the cobbled streets to pick up a langose from a street vendor; deep-fried bread topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella. Evenings are likely to be spent bar-hopping around the typical Czech taverns.

Prefer to travel closer to home? Rent a car and spend the day exploring your local area

I’m excited for some quality time together as a couple

Whether you’ve been locked up together for the past few months, or haven’t been able to see each other at all, you have to admit that you could both do with some quality time together. No arguing about whose turn it is to do the dishes, no catch up’s through a screen –  sharing for the 100th time which type of pasta you made today. Just the two of you, somewhere romantic, with nothing else to worry about. What about one of these places:

3. Bond over Baklava in Greece

Couple in Santorini

With over 1,000 islands in Greece to visit, there’s plenty of options for your lovers’ getaway. Head to one of these Greek Islands for a beach holiday, or get lost in the charming towns on Santorini. The sunsets will completely blow your mind. The whitewashed houses with sea-blue tops are like something out of a fairytale.

4. Spice up your relationship in Spain

Couple in Barcelona

Large jugs of sangria and endless patatas bravas are surely a restorative remedy for any relationship. Whether it’s to sprawl out on a white sand beach in Mallorca, or to soak up the fascinating architecture of Barcelona, a trip to Spain has never felt more appealing! 

Need more inspiration? Discover some other romantic getaways

I crave adventure and the open road 

Cabin fever, too many people wanting to use the kitchen all at once, small flat with no outside space. If you can relate to any of those feelings, your idea of wellness may well be getting out on the open road. Far, far away from the city. For you, we prescribe a large dose of fresh air, freedom and nature. Forget the usual tourist spots, you’ll want to head to these places that are yet to be discovered!

5. Go off the grid in Greenland

Adventure travel in Greenland

As the saying goes; ‘when you’ve seen the world, there’s always Greenland’. It’s the world’s largest island but also one of the least visited by tourists. 2 million square kilometres of breathtaking landscape, colourful coastal villages and of course… ice! 80% of Greenland is covered in ice year-round, making it the perfect playground for winter sports at any time of the year.

6. Chill out in the Czech Republic

River in the Bohemian Forest

Set your sights for Kutna Hora – a city with all the gothic grandeur of Prague, without the milling crowds. If it’s adventure you seek, spend a day or two navigating your way through the Bohemian Forest, an ancient forest that has been around for over 300 million years, making it older than the Alps and the Himalayas! 

Don’t have much time? Take a day trip to one of your local National parks.

All I want is a bit of peace and quiet

If you’ve had just about enough of screaming kids, homeschooling, and can’t understand what people are talking about when they say they’ve ‘finished Netflix’, then you need to get yourself to a nice quiet place. Everyone needs a break from daily life every once in a while, especially when that daily life has been multiplied so intensely and seems to take place all at once in the confines of your four walls. Deep breath. Lie-ins and a good book are just in reach.

7. Find your peace in Procida

Colourful houses in Procida, Italy

Procida is one of the lesser-known Italian islands to international tourists, and all the more beautiful for it. It’s where the Italians go to relax in the summer, which is always a good sign! Just a short ferry ride from Naples, Procida is an accessible paradise to unwind in. Take a seat at one of the tables by the port and order a cappuccino e cornetto while you watch the fishermen unload their catch under the early morning sun. The days will roll by as you spend them at the beach, or strolling around the colourful town window shopping. Punctuated only by large plates of pasta and fresh seafood. 

8. Practice self-love in Seville

Seville architecture

As far as backdrops go, Seville is up there with some of the most beautiful places in the world. Book yourself into a boutique hotel and spend your days rubbing shoulders with the locals at tapas bars, or admiring the Mudéjar architecture.

When can I celebrate?

Birthdays, engagements and graduations that have gone uncelebrated over the past few months are raring to be celebrated. Better late than never, as they say! Is there a better place than being surrounded by friends and family to ring in happy times? Although we could recommend countless places to enjoy a celebratory weekend, our favourite destination in this case would have to be home, sweet, home! 

Celebrating at home

Whilst travelling around Europe is more difficult at the moment, there are plenty of local places to discover closer to home. Take that solo retreat to recharge your batteries, or dive right back into your social scene. What you’re missing the most right now might differ to the next person, but one thing we all have in common is the ability to nurture our wellness. Whatever that means to you.

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