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Visiting beautiful, undisturbed natural areas can be one of the most rewarding and relaxing experiences. Instead of spending your holidays in a tourist-packed spot, we recommend you go down a different path and make your own discoveries in the great outdoors!

National Geographic has picked the top ecotourism destinations in the world and here are our five favorite:

ecotourism canada

Ecotourism in Brazil:

With its superb natural parks, bird sanctuaries and pristine lakes, Brazil is the ideal destination for ecotourism. Remarkable places worth visiting include the Chapada Diamantina and the Abrolhos Marine national parks.

What to do in Brazil: Canoeing, horseback riding, trekking and camping.

Ecotourism in Dubai, United Arab Emirates :

It’s hard to believe that a destination like Dubai, largely known for its artificial islands and luxurious resorts, can also be a place for ecotourism enthusiasts. If you’re looking to embark on a spectacular desert expedition, this destination will not disappoint.

What to do in Dubai : Camel trekking, safari experiences, and desert guided tours

Ecotourism in Canada :

Aside from its 36 national parks, Canada also has the largest cross-border park in the world. It covers more than one million hectares and reaches the Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska.

 What to do in Canada: Trekking, bird watching and iceberg rafting.

Ecotourism in Belize:

Belize is a country that dedicates a lot of resources to the conservation of wildlife and natural habitats. Enjoy its beautiful natural parks, eco hotels and spectacular marine ecosystems!

What to do in Belize: Explore ancient Maya temples, go scuba diving and discover wildlife in nature reserves.

Ecotourism in Kenya:

Kenya is home to the “Big Five” (elephants, leopards, rhinos, lions, and buffalo) and to 11 percent of the world’s avian species…no wonder it’s so popular with ecotourists!

What to do in Kenya: safari excursions, volunteer programs, arts & crafts workshops.


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