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Amsterdam is one of those cities that never sleeps and it always seems like there is so much going on. We have captured just a glimpse of the best places to eat and shop.

1. Lets start where every journey begins, with your stomach, of course. Gebroeders Niemeijer is one of the best places in Amsterdam to get stock up in goodness and it wont fail to disappoint, it’s always busy and that’s a sign you are on to a good thing. Fuel your energy with the abundance of fresh choice and you are good to go.

2. Next stop in &K and this is one of those shops where you don’t know what your going to buy. From unique kitchen utensils, quirky toys, the cutest and surreal teddies, it’s hard to imagine it’s all under one roof. A definite stop ‘n’ shop situation for everyone.

3. Let’s go to Geisha for a cocktail. This dark and dim lit bar/restaurant is the perfect place to refuel and plan your next stop. Have some prawn toasties and you really have to try the Mai Thai, sure to give you all the attitude and energy you need for this city.

4. All stuffed and maybe a little tipsy from the Mai Thai? Get your skates on and head on over to Tenue De Nimes. This clothes shop and I say clothes shop lightly is an inspiration to a generation. Not only will they dress you in some amazing stuff but they seem (the staff that is) to have this knack of knowing what does and doesn’t suit. Great shoes and even better jeans!

5. Last stop on our quick fire stop in Amsterdam is Lock Stock & Barrel, and you might say we just kept the best till last. You can really find your own personality in this clothes shop. Inspirational interiors and simple fantastic products. Sublime.

Ever been to Amsterdam? What are your favourite places?

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