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Planning a skiing expedition this winter? In that case, we would like to share with you some valuable tips and tricks that will help make your stay on the snowy peaks a little more eco-friendly. That way future generations can also enjoy our planet’s mountains for many years to come!

snow rabbit

  • Travel by train or bus to reduce fuel consumption.
  • Get informed before choosing a ski area. Make sure you pick one that is sustainable.

Eco-friendly Skiing

  • Use eco-friendly skiing or snowboarding equipment (e.g. boards made out of bamboo).
  • Don’t throw away equipment you don’t need anymore – recycle!
  • When on the slope, avoid going off-course as this could disturb the ecosystem.
mountain hut
Source: magic merlin via Pinterest
  • Use eco-friendly sunscreen – it’s better for you and better for the environment.
  • Do not litter!
  • If you choose to drive up to the resort, remember not to leave your engine running when the car is stopped.
  • When booking your holiday, pick a sustainable ski resort.
Recycled snowboarding equipment
Source: world snowboard day via Pinterest

Happy skiing & snowboarding! For even more tips, check out our list on how to practice responsible tourism.

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