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They say you have to make it a December to remember. Another piece of advice that’s easier shared on social media than done, am I right?

Between the general overindulgence of the month, the chaotic leadup to Christmas Day, and your first New Year’s resolution who’s actually got time for a holiday anyway…? Apparently you!

Here’s where to travel in December and why!


Let’s not get into standard city break stuff just yet because the reality is that nature needs to be enjoyed any time of the year. And what a way to do it – the Geminids meteor shower is the most spectacular of the year with 50 to 100 meteors per hour. There’s no better place to see it than from the Moroccan Sahara.
sahara desert starsCombine this unforgettable trek through temperate climates with visits to classic cities Marrakech and Casablanca and Morocco becomes one of the most unique December holiday options.


St Petersburg

Step right into a Russian novel with a visit to the place made famous by War and Peace, Anna Karenina, and Crime and Punishment. Russia’s most accessible city was built in the 18th century as a window to the west and there’s no better time to access it than its natural season: winter.
St Petersburg - RussiaFollow the frozen river Neva around this monument-rich city and see the Buckingham Palace-dwarfing Winter Palace, or check out the Hermitage art and culture museum and its 9.5 years (!) of exhibits. Top it off with a relaxing night at a legendary Russian bath house: there are ones to match all budgets.


Goa, India

If the cold isn’t your cup of tea then skip on over to India‘s chilled beach region and lay down your towel. In December the monsoons end and dry season starts with a relatively ‘cool’ daytime high of 33°C: making it the most weather-friendly time to visit.
goa - indiaWatersports lovers will go wild for the windsurfing, dinghy sailing, and scuba diving options made available for a fraction of the price of any European destination. The predominantly Christian region is also a great place to celebrate Christmas at any of Goa’s gorgeous churches.


You don’t go to Germany’s capital city for the weather anyway so you might as well visit in December. The fairytale-like Christmas markets here are the basis for virtually every small town American ripoff attempt in history. Go for the genuine article – you won’t find food or shopping like this anywhere else.
The Christmas Garden with its 1,000,000+ lights, colourful illuminations, 3D sculptures, and romantic ice rink is a close second.



We’ve all heard the addage that Iceland isn’t actually icy and that Greenland isn’t actually green. Careful though, even if a mitigating gulf stream brings warm water up from lower latitudes you can still expect lows of -2 degrees Celsius.
icelandYou’re here to walk in a winter wonderland anyway. The views of the Northern Lights here can’t be put into words and are best seen at this time of the year. The colourful, snow dusted 3 story houses in Reykjavik are straight out of a postcard, much like the thermal baths at the Blue Lagoon – nature’s most recognisable jacuzzi.


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  1. Iceland is magical during every season! But I also love Krakow Main Square, especially in December (guys from SeeKrakow made a great atmosphere) so comparing to Berlin mentioned in the article, I choose polish accent 🙂

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