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Where are Brits going this holiday season? While some just go back home to have Christmas dinner with the family at Grandma’s house, some are catching flights to new destinations or back to old favourites.

At eDreams, we’ve collected data from all our bookings over the year to compile this list of most popular Christmas destinations for 2019.

The favourite date of departure around the Christmas holiday period is the 21st December.

Here are the top international destinations for winter preferred by British travellers:

1. Bangkok

Bangkok at Christmas time

2. Lisbon

Streets of Lisbon

3. Tenerife

View of Tenerife in Winter

4. Dubai

Christmas Tree in Dubai5. Alicante

Alicante marina at winter time

Where are you celebrating Christmas this year?

2 responses to “Where are Brits going for their Christmas Holidays?

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