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Where are the Brits going this holiday season? While some just go back home to have Christmas dinner with the family at Grandma’s house, some are catching flights to new destinations or back to old favourites.

This year we’ve studied eDreams flight data and have found out where the 2015 most popular Christmas destinations are for flights departing out of UK airports, as well as the the most popular airlines this holiday season.


Maybe you’ll be surprised to know that all top 10 destinations are in Europe compared to long-haul flight destinations in foreign lands. 74% of the britons prefer to travel around Europe, while 18% prefer to take domestic flights. It’s even more surprising to see that the colder destinations have been chosen over the warm, tropical islands.

As for how the airborne Brits are getting to these destinations… Low cost airlines take 3 out of the top 5 positions, with easyJet the #1 carrier, followed by Ryanair. British Airways and KLM are the only traditional airlines making the list.

Here are the top preferred international destinations by the British travellers:

1. Helsinki

Photo by Kaarina Tubbs via Flickr

2. Amsterdam

Photo by Tanya Hart via Flickr

3. Paris

4. Reykjavik

Photo by Michael Baynes via Flickr
Photo by Michael Baynes via Flickr

5. Madrid

6. Berlin

Photo by Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar via Flickr

7. Dublin

Photo by Sarahdlx via Flickr
Photo by Sarahdlx via Flickr

8. Lisbon

Photo by Mr Conguito via Flickr

9. New York

10. Malaga

Photo by Deborah Wilkes


Where are you celebrating Christmas this year?

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