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At eDreams, our goal is to offer you the best service possible, for any part of your trip booking process, besides helping you find the perfect holiday at the best price. 

If you’ve been enjoying the eDreams Prime membership and now you’d like to cancel your subscription, below we solve all your questions about it. 

We are sorry to see you leave, and hope you will join the Prime family again soon!

A reminder before cancelling Prime

Did you know that booking with Prime is cheaper than on any airline website 98% of the time?

If you decide to cancel now, keep in mind you will not have the opportunity to start a Prime free trial within the next 12 months. Take your time in trying out Prime before cancelling it.

eDreams Prime Membership

Up to 50% discount on accommodation

This is one of our latest benefits! Take advantage of Prime not just on all the flights available, but also on hotels. Our continuous benchmarking reveals that booking your hotel with eDreams Prime is cheaper than with Booking.com.

Exclusive offers and promotions

Be the first to receive the best offers and make sure you save those great deals right away. Travelling with the eDreams Prime membership is not just the cheapest option, but also the most extensive flight and accommodation offer you’ll find out there.

Equal savings for everyone travelling with you

You save every time you book but not only for your ticket. Everyone travelling with you enjoys the discount thanks to your eDreams Prime membership. Could it get any better?!

We care for you 24/7

If you have any further questions beyond what we clarify on our dedicated Prime website, remember that you have a dedicated free Prime hotline. Find all the details in any of the Prime membership emails you received from us.

Remember: with Prime, you and your loved ones always fly for less 

As a Prime member, you have a guaranteed discount on all the flights available. No matter where you fly or when – the discount will be applied to each of the bookings that you make from your eDreams Prime Account.


Cancelling your Prime subscription in three steps

Step 1 – Login to your Prime account

Go to My account and log in to access your Prime Area

eDreams Prime account

Step 2 – Go to “My Prime account”

Click on the “My Prime account” tab on the vertical left-side menu. You will see a link in the main window called “Cancel my prime subscription” through which you disable the auto-renewal of your Prime membership.

eDreams Prime tab

Step 3 – Cancel your membership

Click on the link and the auto-renewal of your Prime subscription will be disabled (your subscription won’t be renewed the day of your expiration date).

*Important note: Don’t make a decision too early – enjoy the Prime membership until its expiration date. Check on your account dashboard how long you have left to benefit from Prime before losing all your benefits.


In case you don’t proceed to disable your eDreams Prime subscription, it will automatically be renewed once your subscription period expires (including free trial periods). The annual subscription fee is £59.99. This amount will be charged to your credit card. 

Please check the Terms and Conditions for eDreams Prime for more information here.

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