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Now that there’s less than a month left from 2011 (can you believe it?) it’s a good time to look back at 2011 and celebrate the great things we’ve  accomplished.

And this week we’re sharing our most inspiring travel photos we took this year. Did you take a good photo of a beautiful city, of the sea or the sky, or maybe of the beautiful local flora and fauna? Share it with us!

How to share your photo with us and your friends on Facebook:

  1. Select your photo:
Monarch Butterfly by Roberto Carlos Pecino on flickr

2. Log into you Facebook account and upload a photo on your wall, then tag @eDreams International on the photo, just as you do when you tag your friends in one of your photos.

3. Check if the photo appeared in our public photo album here.

We’ll select the most inspiring ones, print them and hang them in our office 🙂

If you can’t see eDreams International in your list of friends and can’t tag us in the photo, then you can try this:

1. After you select your photo, go to your wall and click on Upload Photo/Video

2. Before uploading the photo make sure you’re posting a public photo.

3. Then tag us @eDreams International in the photo by writing in the text area above the photo:

And that’s it!

Inspire us!

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