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Condor flights

Elvis is alive! Well, the King of Rock lives on aboard Condor and features along with lots of other famous faces in the airline’s new safety demonstration video.

The aim of this new incentive is to provide clear safety instructions that are easy to remember but are also entertaining. This should keep passengers focused on the advice instead of sending one last text message before take-off or reading the in-flight magazine.

So what do the celebrity look-a-likes have to do with this….?

Well, while the air hostess is giving safety instructions the famous actors act them out. For example, you will see Paris Hilton fitting her lapdog in its travel case under the chair in front of her. Michael Schumacher is buckling up in preparation for take-off and Marilyn Monroe demonstrates how to use the oxygen masks. Other famous faces you will see are Charlie Chaplin and Neil Armstrong, who makes a small change to his famous quote at the end of the video, “One small step for you, one giant leap for air safety.”

This initiative is along the same lines as the video we published a couple of weeks ago about Air New Zealand’s new safety demonstration. Check it out!

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