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What if you could book your next trip now with an extra discount? We are about to launch the new edition of eDreams Prime Day: 3 days full of deals, from January 31st to February 2nd. The highest offers of the year are waiting for you. Book your flight tickets up to 60% discount and get your accommodation up to 40% discount. We help you think about your next vacation earlier to get better prices.

Surely, the first thing you did when you came back from your summer holidays was to check the calendar and see how many days are left until the next Christmas Holidays. Am I wrong? Don’t worry, it is a classic! It is a completely normal reaction for many of us, we suffer the famous post-vacation blues after summer. Quite a few weeks are left before we can enjoy a good holiday time again. 

We are here to inspire you with some of the best snow destinations for the winter holidays. Are you familiar with eDreams Prime Day? Here you will find all the information you need to know about all the exclusive deals of Prime Day. Check below our proposed destinations for a winter journey with plenty of snow and candlelights. 

The best winter snow destinations during eDreams Prime Day

If you want to spend the next season visiting winter markets, having a cup of hot chocolate or mulled wine, and playing in the snow while all the streets are frozen, let’s take note of the following winter snow destinations for a perfect white Christmas season! 

  1. Vienna, Austria: an ideal destination to take advantage of eDreams Prime Day 2023 discounts

On the Danube river shore, you can find Vienna, the capital of Austria. This city has over 400 kilometers and it has the honor to be called the home of significant historical figures like Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss, and Sigmund Freud. 

If you go to Vienna at Christmas, the best way to arrive from any corner of Europe is by plane. In Vienna, you can enjoy the magic of the Christmas markets that are presented at this special time of year. Generally, it is a destination that you can visit on a long weekend. However, if you are lucky enough to have a week, you will be able to enjoy a better immersion in the culture of the Christmas markets. 

Vienna is a city that can easily be visited on foot during the weekend. Still, if you have the opportunity, we recommend renting a car and going for at least a week to see the surrounding area. Touring Austria by car is a great opportunity to visit many points of interest, as it is very close to several borders and makes it very easy to reach Munich, as well as to visit other cities in Austria such as Salzburg, Linz or Hallstatt cataloged as one of the most beautiful villages in Austria. Are you going to miss it? We strongly recommend using Prime Days to find your hotel in Vienna.

What to see and do in Vienna at Christmas time?

Visit one of the most famous operas in the world, the Vienna State Opera. If you get the chance, take a guided tour inside. Or fulfill the dream of many to be able to attend one of the concerts. You can find reduced-price tickets if you queue up a couple of hours before the performance starts. 

And as is tradition for all Viennese residents, a visit to the Christmas market on the town hall square is a must. Every Christmas, Vienna dresses up to welcome Santa Claus and his reindeer. Its streets are decorated with lights and the houses are filled with the warmth of Christmas decorations in their chimneys. An endearing place where Christmas is lived from the beginning of November. If you book your trip for the second week of November you can enjoy this famous Christmas market in the center of the old town.

Here is the list of places to visit if you go to Vienna:

  1. Go to the Naschmarkt Christmas market
  2. Take a guided tour of the Vienna Opera House 
  3. Visit the Vienna Cathedral 
  4. Climb the north tower of Stephansdom
  5. Take a tour of the Austrian Parliament 
  6. Visit the Vienna Museum of Natural History
  7. Go to Karlsplatz square
  8. Have a hot chocolate at Café Sacher 
  9. Visit the Hofburg Imperial Palace 
  10. Take pictures on Tuchlauben Street and Graben Street

If you decide to travel to Vienna this winter season, remember that more than 690 airlines operate from the eDreams platform, so many of them offer flights to Austria. In addition, if you are looking for cheap flights to Vienna, on the eDreams site you can find many low-cost airlines like Vueling or Wizz Air, among others, offering excellent deals to travel during those dates. Take advantage of eDreams Prime Day with the extra discounts you can find on all flights If you are thinking of a fairytale journey in Vienna.


2. Colmar, France: a fairytale destination

Another place that you will definitely love to visit is Colmar. This small town in the French region of Alsace will make you feel like you are in the fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast all the time. Its streets embrace you at every step as if everything is familiar and cozy. This village is ideal for a romantic winter vacation, as everything will remind you of a Disney movie.

To get there, we recommend you travel to Basel Mulhouse Freiburg airport, as Colmar is located in the northeast of France, very close to the German border, and this airport is the closest to the French city, between Basel and Strasbourg. When you land, having a rental car booked can help you a lot, as Colmar is about 50 minutes away. Also, once you get there you won’t have much trouble parking your car for free near the center. There are many spots where you can park your car without paying. 

What to see in Colmar in winter? 

These are the places you need to visit in Colmar:

  1. Go to the Kaysersberg Christmas market
  2. Enter the Bartholdi Museum 
  3. Go to the Place de l’Ancienne Douane
  4. Eat at the covered market
  5. Discover the Petite Venise
  6. Visit the Unterlinden Museum 
  7. See the Rue de la Poissonnerie
  8. Stroll along the Rue de Marchands 
  9. Visit the Château du Hohlandsbourg 
  10. Enter the Église des Dominicains

An ideal destination to go to during the winter season and enjoy a landscape surrounded by snow and a typical atmosphere of a postcard. Would you like to do the route of Christmas markets in Europe? If so, the one in Colmar is a must for your list. Find your hotel in Colmar and do not miss the opportunity to visit this wonderful corner of France. Take advantage of eDreams Prime Day to book your flight and accommodation with special discounts.  

3. Copenhague, Denmark: a postcard snow destination

How not to consider Copenhagen as one of the best winter destinations ever seen? That moment when the streets turn white and the warmth of the lights inside the bars and restaurants tinkles from their interiors.

Savouring that cozy scene with a cup of hot latte in hand is what winter lovers crave the most. So if you enjoy the snow and cold temperatures as much as we do, read on to find out what’s behind Copenhagen. 

Copenhagen has three nearest airports to which you can land: Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup Airport, and Roskilde Airport. These last two are located at a considerable distance from the center of Copenhagen, and if you decide to land in any of them (Kastrup or Roskilde) it will be very useful to have a rental car to move around

What to see in Copenhagen? 

The Danish city of Copenhagen offers great opportunities to visit during a weekend stay. Its extension makes it possible to see most of its attractions on foot. However, be careful with the low temperatures. One option to consider is the subway, with only two lines that run 24 hours a day and offer very good rates to be able to cross the city from end to end during your trip (without spending too much time out in the cold). Also, keep in mind that the bus can also be taken with the same metro ticket. 

Whether you decide to go on foot or by public transport, these are the places you can’t miss in Copenhagen

  1. The picturesque village of Nyhavn 
  2. Tivoli Gardens 
  3. Copenhagen Marble Church
  4. The Royal Palace of Amalienborg 
  5. The Little Mermaid Statue 
  6. Assistens Cemetery 
  7. The great Grundtvig Church
  8. Christiansborg Palace
  9. The National Art Gallery 
  10. Rosenborg Castle
  11. Danish National Museum
  12. The Round Tower
  13. The King’s Gardens
  14. Strøget
  15. Saviour’s Church
  16. The National Library 
  17. Copenhagen Opera House 

Already have your list of places to visit in Copenhagen ready? Then it’s time to start looking for hotels in the city center, so you can have everything planned for your trip to Copenhagen. Enjoy your stay in the Danish capital and stroll through all the nooks and crannies of the city center to have the most immersive winter experience.

4. A road trip through Switzerland to unwind in the snow

Switzerland is one of the most mountainous countries in Central Europe. Surrounded by nature, lakes, wildlife, and picturesque villages, it is at its peak during the winter season. This country has several airports, but the three that can best suit your route due to their strategic location are Geneva, Zurich, and Basel, among which you can find the best deals on your airline tickets during the eDreams Prime Day.

The most comfortable route is undoubtedly to fly to Basel-Mulhouse and once there rent a car to go to Zurich and go all around and down to Geneva. Although if you prefer, flying to Zurich is also a good option, and then go all the way to Geneva on a cross-country road trip.

What to see in Switzerland in winter?

  1. Go see the Chillon Castle 
  2. Witness the Rhine Falls 
  3. Visit the Swiss National Museum 
  4. Enter the Library of Saint Gallen 
  5. Stroll through the mediaeval old town of Bern and its cathedral
  6. Take a tour of the Trümmelbach waterfalls
  7. Enjoy the views of the Gornergrat
  8. Photographing the clock tower of Zytglogge
  9. Take a tour of the Verzasca Valley
  10. Visiting the Palace of Nations
  11. Enter the Parliament Building
  12. See the impressive Matterhorn
  13. Visit the Swiss National Park
  14. Go see the Geneva Water Fountain
  15. Go to see Lake Oeschinen
  16. Climb the Chapel Bridge
  17. See the Jungfraujoch, Jungfrau and Rigi Mountains
  18. The suspension bridge overlooking the First Cliff Walk Alps
  19. Visit the Einstein Museum
  20. Visiting the city of Montreux, on the lake that connects to Geneva

Switzerland is a dream place for those who love sports such as hiking, skiing, or snowboarding. If you go, remember that you can ski in the nearest resorts such as Zermatt, Verbier, or Champery, renting your ski equipment, without having to carry it with you during the whole trip. 

Take advantage of eDreams Prime Day to book your flights and hotels during your entire trip to Switzerland without risking last-minute price increases. 

5. Salzburg, Austria with ideal prices on Prime Day 2023

It takes a couple of days to see Salzburg in its entirety, but we recommend a week to enjoy the surrounding countryside at your leisure. You can fly to Salzburg airport, which is located about 3.5 kilometers from the city center, which you can reach with the Salzburg bus line 2 (SZG) in less than 10 minutes. It is a city that allows you to visit it on foot, so if you are staying in the center during your entire stay, you will not need a car or any other means of transportation. 

However, if you are going to extend your stay, it is advisable to rent a car to be able to see the surrounding area full of nature. To do this, take advantage of the eDreams incredible Prime Day car rental discounts and rent a car for your trip to Salzburg.

What to see in Salzburg? 

As you can see, as Salzburg is a small city it’s best to take a couple of days and walk around. These are some of the attractions and places you need to visit Salzburg

  1. Entering the Cathedral 
  2. Visiting the Hohensalzburg Fortress 
  3. See the Hellbrunn Palace
  4. Stroll through the cathedral quarter, Dom Quartier
  5. Photograph the Cemetery and St. Peter’s Church 
  6. See the Salzach River 
  7. Free admission to Mirabell Palace and its gardens 
  8. Enjoying a good homemade Sacher cake 
  9. Visit the house where Mozart was born at No. 9 in Getreidegasse
  10. See Mozart’s post office at Mozartplatz
  11. Visit the Stiegl brewery
  12. Take the cable car up the Untersbergbahn mountain 
  13. See the Kapitelplatz and the Alter Markt

As soon as the first snowflakes begin to fall at the beginning of November, Christmas markets take over the streets of Salzburg. It is a beautiful time of the year when you can experience an intimate Christmas. But undoubtedly the most traditional of the city is the Christkindlmarkt Christmas market located in the fortress and around the Hohensalzburg Cathedral. You can enjoy a stroll looking at the Christmas stalls to the rhythm of Christmas carols from 9 am to 9 pm during the days leading up to Christmas.

We recommend that you book your hotel room in the city center to enjoy it better with all the attractions close at hand. Will Austria be your next destination for your winter holidays?

Take advantage of eDreams Prime Day discounts

eDreams Prime Day is one of the most important events of the year. It’s the perfect time to book your trip, as you can find flights with up to 60% discount. At eDreams we make it possible so that going on vacation can be within the reach of more travelers. We look forward to seeing you at the new edition of eDreams Prime Day with all the exclusive offers of our most special event of the year.

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