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AThe best destinations for Easter weekend getaways are waiting for you. The only thing you need to do is follow the reading to discover where to fly. If you want to start feeling the Easter mood differently, let’s start becoming spired and prepared to live the best Easter Holidays of your life. 

Take advantage of the late Easter date to visit cities that are fully in Spring mode! Or, head somewhere more tropical. The choice is yours. Either way now’s the time to book for Easter, to ensure you get your pick of the best flight and hotel deals.

1. Seville: Live the most traditional Spanish Easter

Easter weekend getaways

Not only is Seville nice and warm around this time of the year, but it is also famous for its Easter parades and celebrations. Easter week in Seville is one of the most popular events in Spain. You will live all the typical parades and processions on all the streets of the city. The devotion takes place in a very special way and all the people are respectful of the occasion. 

If you want to feel this wave of cultural traditions of the South of Spain, undoubtedly you need to visit Seville for the Easter season.

2. Amsterdam: the most colorful Easter vibes 

Amsterdam canals

If you have never been to Amsterdam you should make it your Easter weekend getaway destination this year. The city is famous for its King’s Day celebrations. This all-day street parade is much loved by locals and tourists alike who flock to the canals of Amsterdam to celebrate the King’s Birthday!

3. Malaga: Good weather and traditions 

Easter weekend getaways in Malaga

Malaga is another Spanish city that is famous for its Easter celebrations. The good thing about an Easter trip to Malaga is that you can take advantage of the good weather and hit the beach.

One of the best plans for Easter weekend getaways to the Costa del Sol. Malaga is always a good idea to spend some days when the temperatures are usually warm enough. Whether you like to go to see the processions, or if you prefer to enjoy the beach and good food, Malaga is one of our travelers’ favorite destinations for Easter.

4. Rome: The cultural Easter weekend getaway 

View over Rome

Rome is sure to please at Easter and weekend getaways with its rituals and processions. Just imagine attending a service at St.Peter’s Square in Rome… yes the experience of Easter week in Rome is unforgettable. Be prepared to fight off the crowds in this city at Easter – it’s all part of the fun.

5. London: Always a good option for an Easter weekend getaway

London buses

A city break in London is just magic at any time of the year. But, in the spring London really comes into it’s own. The pubs open up their gardens and the street food vans start popping up all over the place. You may even get lucky and catch a glimpse of the sun!

6. New York City: feel the best season in the city

Easter weekend getaways in New York

Getting cheap flights to New York is relatively easy these days so why don’t you venture to the States for a break over Easter getaways. Surprise yourself by searching online to find out what deals are available.

7. The Canary Islands: always Summer in this place

Easter weekend getaways

Everyone loves the Canary Islands. The weather is mild all year around and the beaches, nightlife, and restaurants are all wonderful. Do you need any more reasons to visit the Canary Islands. My favourite is Lanzarote. Which one would be yours?

8. Rio de Janeiro: ready for a party and Easter parades

The view from Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Photo by Carlos Ortega via Flickr

Brazil is always ready for a party and at Easter you can expect parades and processions. If you have a week or two weeks off at the Easter season and fancy somewhere hot with paradise beaches, this is our suggestion.

9. Paris: such a romantic Easter break

Side street with a typical cafe in Paris


Perhaps you want romantic Easter weekend getaways, need we even suggest Paris? It is perfect for romance, shopping, and sightseeing and so great for an Easter city break.

10. Bangkok: perhaps the best time to go 

Easter weekend getaways in Thailand

As you may know, Bangkok is a popular Easter week getaway destination at any time of the year but weather-wise March and April is perhaps the best time to go.

Now choose your next destination for great Easter weekend getaways

Are you as eager as we are to start packing your bags and fly to your next destination? It’s only natural. Now that we’ve gone over the best plans for a perfect Easter weekend getaways. Which of all these destinations is the one you’re going to choose to organise your next trip?

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