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Okay, so maybe the title for this piece is wrong. After all, a hipster would never actually identify themselves as such, but let’s be real, this blog interests you.

Rotterdam is slowly making a space into the hearts of the most modern, with vintage-inspired establishments like Schorem, a barber shop, which is breaking new ground, both for its work and for its aesthetic premises. Those responsible for this shop are Bertus and Leen who opened the barber shop in 2011. Since then, they have grown in popularity and style dozens of men a day with their signature talent. Their style is simple; the Schorem 12 haircuts (” if it is not on the poster, we won’t do it”) and they serve great beer. What else does a guy need for an epic cut?

Their formula for success, though simple, is not easy to accomplish. The following mini documentary directed by Seth Henrikson will give you a glimpse of how business runs. Their work integrity can however, be summed up with one of their slogans:“What we do is not fashion, it is style”.

[vimeo width=”600″ height=”400″]https://vimeo.com/111014339[/vimeo]

As you can see from the video, men from all over Europe travel to Rotterdam to experience a Schorem makeover. If you’re one who would also like to visit Rotterdam for a great cut, or are just digging the idea that this place exists and want to see what it’s really all about, check out our quick itinerary of some of the places you can explore to discover the more hipster side of Rotterdam.

Rotterdam on Bicycle

A bicycle near a canal in Rotterdamn
Photo: Adrian Maidment via Flickr

As is the way in Amsterdam, the best way to get around this city is on a bicycle. Rotterdam has an extensive network of bike paths and easy and accessible locations to rent a bicycle for about 6.50€ a day.

Urban Art

grafiti rotterdam
Photo: Graham van der Wielen via Flickr

Vibrant and unique, Rotterdam’s street art scene is not to be missed. If you visit the area of Schiestraat, just two minutes from the central station, you will find lots of graffiti and random street installations which may surprise you on any corner of the city.

Rotterdam Fleamarkets

swan market en rotterdam
Photo: @flecken via Instagram

A great way to mingle with the locals is to check out one of the flea markets taking place in the streets of Rotterdam. The most popular one is the Swan Market, where you can find antiques, second-hand clothes, and plants, all accompanied by food trucks and a fresh produce market located near the Blaak Metro stop.

Hipster Bars in Rotterdam

bar rotterdam
Photo: @barrotterdam via Instagram
  • Worm is a collective that organizes parties, concerts , exhibitions and all kinds of events. Besides, their location is divided into several areas and is made from recycled items and serves organic food. What else can a self-respecting hipster need?
  • BAR is certainly a great way to enjoy a creative and alternative setting. In the morning you can have tea or coffee accompanied by “Grandma’s cookies” and in the evening, the scene is unique and it’s a great time to drink wheat beer while dancing to the beat of the music that plays.
  • Bird is the perfect blend of jazz , hip hop, electronic music and good food. You can go to brunch on Sunday, stay on the terrace on sunny days or go see concerts every night.

After seeing all of this, we’re sure you are bursting at the seams to vist the lovely Netherlands. What are you waiting for? Check out our flights to Rotterdam!

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