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Creative, strange and a bit wacky – after doing some snooping around to see what Thanksgiving-themed foods are out there, we come across some seriously nutty ideas! Have you ever heard of salted caramel turkey ice-cream, turkey shaped cupcakes or gravy soda? And if you had the possibility to try it, would you?

Yay or nay, would you include these bizarre foods on your Thanksgiving menu this year? Here’s what we think:

Tofurky and gravy soda

Source: Jones Soda

Nay!Tofurky and gravy flavored soda? I think not! Whatever happened to the good old days when we drank orange juice?! The good thing though is that anyone can try this drink, even the vegans!

Thanksgiving dinner flavored ice-cream

Source: salt and Straw

Nay! There’s something that doesn’t really sound right about turkey fat and caramelized onion flavored ice cream! Think we better stick to classics flavors like vanilla and chocolate.

Turkey-shaped cupcakes

Turkey Cupcakes
Source: Saucy’s Sprinkles

Yay! Two thumbs up for these incredibly artistic cupcakes. Though they look like baby turkeys, these cupcakes are all frosting, caramel, chocolate and cornflakes! We would love to add these to our Thanksgiving menu…if only we had the patience to make them.

Pumpkin fortune cookies

Pumpkin pie fortune cookies
Source: Fancy Fortune Cookies

Yay! Tasty and informative! Now we won’t have to pay a fortune teller to tell us what’s what.

 Mashed potatoes and gravy jelly beans

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy Jelly Beans
Source: delish.com

Nay! These funky tasting jelly beans might come straight out of a Harry Potter book, but that doesn’t make them cool enough for us!

All-in-one thanksgiving dinner

All-in-one Thanksgiving dinner
Source: J. Kenji López- Alt Serious Eats

Nay! Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and desert all in one bite! It’s true everything ends up in the same place, but still, we’ll stick to our separate course meal!


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