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In 2012. the online travel community, Virtual Tourist chose Bangkok as the best destination in the world when it comes to street food. This comes as no surprise as Thai cuisine is based on a spectacular variety of ingredients, flavours and combinations, but is also incredibly cheap. Chicken curry, pad thai, dishes packed with papaya, nuts and fresh fish, expertly seasoned with an intriguing mix of spices, are on every corner in the Thai capital, and across the entire country at that. If your wallet isn’t bursting at the seams, but you don’t want to renounce a good meal, add a touch of local authenticity and stop at a street market stall, sit on a stool, sip on a Singha and watch the world go by. Get ready to taste some of the best food you’ve ever had in your life. Welcome to Thailand!

Delicious Thai dessert covered in cinnamon

cinnamon thai dessert

Red Thai Curry

red thai curry

Thai Noodle Soup

thai noodle soup

Thai noodles with crispy pork

thai noodles crispy pork

Seafood wok

seafood wok

A bird’s-eye view of a street food stall

thai street food

Chicken Pad Thai

Photo by @thai2goutah via Instagram

Dragon fruit

Photo by @mimossau via Instagram

A Thai picnic

thai street food picnic

Delicious chicken satay, chicken skewers coated with peanut sauce

chicken satay

Spicy fish

Photo by @shalaleoo via Instagram

Eating in Thailand can be a bit tricky… What hand should you use? What utensils? So, if you don’t want to end up looking like a disrespectful tourist, we recommend to read our travel guide The Traveller’s Code“. You’ll find all you need to know to fit in anywhere, without looking like one! 


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