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One of the best things about Winter is the food. Salads and smoothies are all very well, but there’s nothing like the change in temperature to reignite your appetite for more substantial fare. And what’s the most important meal of the day? That’s right, the first one. Breakfast, brunch, whatever you want to call it (sometimes depending on whether you’ve been out the night before) the meal you start your day with is key to the rest of it. And during the weekend, when time permits, this meal can take on a whole new aspect.

What you eat for breakfast is often deeply routed in cultural tradition, and it varies massively from country to country. So, if you don’t have any flights booked in the near future, it’s a great way to explore the world from your very own kitchen. Transport yourself to the UK with bacon and eggs. Visualise the Eiffel Tower over a croissant, or visit Rome through the froth of a cappuccino.

Here are 10 of our favourite breakfasts from all over the world (warning: images may induce dribbling)…

1. UK

Image by acockle on flickr

Think this looks like a lot of food? Well this is actually quite a posh and restrained version of the traditional English breakfast, but it has all the essential ingredients: egg, bacon, sausage, baked beans, tomato and toast. The Scottish variation on this mountain of protein also includes black pudding and tattie scones, while in Ireland they favour white pudding and soda bread – you won’t be hungry till dinner time.

2. Spain

Ask for hot chocolate in Spain on an Autumn / Winter morning and you won’t get what you expected. Forget chocolatey milk; think a hot cup of thick gooey chocolate. Then dip deep fried pastry especially shaped for the purpose. Who wouldn’t want to warm up this way on a cold morning?

3. United States

Image by JenCooks on flickr

A nation famed for hearty breakfasts, this is a sophisticated take on traditional American pancakes. But if the combination of honey, blueberries and bacon isn’t to your taste, you can put almost anything on them from chocolate to other fruits.

4. Italy

Image by ul_Marga on flickr

Renowned for their long lunches and general food love, the Italian breakfast is surprisingly light. To save on time, they favour a cornetto (Italian croissant) and cappuccino. In fact, contrary to what people in other countries may do, an Italian would think it rather strange to drink this frothy beverage at any other time of day.

5. Denmark

Image by by adactio on flickr

Called  ‘Morgenmad’, this compilation of cold meats, bread and cheese is very common in Denmark. Particularly at the weekend, bakers prepare a huge range of breads and cakes for the meal. Pictured is a typical breakfast selection of black bread, known as ‘rugbrød’, a boiled egg, cheese, butter, jam and a bowl of cereal.

6. France

Image by Pierre-Olivier on flickr

Breakfast in France is an enchanting experience. The array of pastries, crusty bread, preserves and butter makes you feel like a kid let loose in a sweet shop. Best served on some kind of gingham tablecloth and with rolling French countryside in the background.

7. Australia

Image by Anson Smart

The Australians are famed for their brunches – must be all that surfing and wholesome outdoor activity that really works up the appetite. Bill’s of Australia is THE place for brunch if you happen to be on the continent, or indeed elsewhere, since they’ve now exported cuisine from down under to Japan and London. Not afraid of a little innovation and fusion at breakfast, here you have sweet corn fritters with roast tomato, spinach and bacon.

8. Iran

Image by kamshots on flickr

This breakfast is truly a feast for the palate. The most popular and traditional morning dish in Iran is Haleem in a bowl. This consists of meat (lamb or chicken), cinnamon, melted butter, sugar and salt. Serve hot or cold.

9. Japan

Image by Aschaf on flickr

For Westerners, the Japanese breakfast will prove a real adventure. A far cry from the sweet or savoury meals we are used to, it consists of soup, a bowl of rice, vegetables and fish served in a charming array of crockery.

10. Germany

Image by Kirsten Nordine on flickr

German breakfast varies greatly depending on where in the country you happen to be. But here is the most common variety, including meat, yoghurt and cheese. The best part is the range of breads, cereals and pastries which accompany these.

Extra: Morocco

Moroccan breakfast
Image by Liv H on Pinterest

The typical Moroccan breakfast includes Moroccan tea and coffee with milk, served with Moroccan bread, pancakes (Beghrir) or pastries (Msemen) normally savored with butter and jam. A  glass of freshly squeezed orange juice is also a must!

Is your stomach rumbling yet? Well head to the kitchen and have a go at making your favourite world breakfast! But don’t forget to tell us about it afterwards. Also, if you know of any other kinds of breakfasts from around the world, please share…

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