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The ideal thing would be to spend a couple of years trotting the globe, discovering astonishing landscapes and landmarks, experiencing new cultures, meeting new people, learning new languages, taking extraordinary photographs, embracing new adventures and trying out crazy new things! However, if you are not one of those lucky few who have the money or the time to embark on such an expedition, you have to be more selective when deciding where and how you would like to spend your holidays.

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to destinations, the possibilities are endless! But if you ask us, there are some historic sites and wonders that are just too incredible to pass up. These 25 landmarks in particular are the crème de la crème of tourist attractions: 

1. Cambodia – Angkor Wat

Photo: browse.deviantart.com

2. Egypt – the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid of Giza

Photo: pinterest.com/pin/165085142560333950/

3. England – Stonehenge

Photo: pinterest.com/pin/248542473156537169/

4. Brazil – Christ on the Corcovado

Photo: pinterest.com/pin/155796468331213611/

5. Italy – Colosseum

Photo: noordinaryhomes.com

6. China – The Great Wall

Photo: travelblahblah.com

7. Turkey – The Blue Mosque

Photo: realwowz.net

8.  India – Taj-Mahal

Photo: pinterest.com/pin/222224562833751318/

9.  Greece – The Acropolis


10. Jordan – Petra

Photo: pinterest.com/pin/393079873696425573/

11. Peru – Machu Picchu

Photo: cristimoise.wordpress.com

12. Russia – St. Basil´s Cathedral

Photo: pinterest.com/pin/175640454188427935/

13. United States of America – The Statue of Liberty

Photo: pinterest.com/pin/17381148532699690/

14. Paris – The Eiffel Tower

Photo: pinterest.com/pin/134334001357378505/

15. Malaysia – The Petronas Towers

Photo: pinterest.com/pin/292593307010783971/

16. Spain – Sagrada Familia

Photo: pinterest.com/pin/64528207132673684/

17. Japan – The Great Buddha

Photo: pinterest.com/pin/131237776613697256/

18. United Arab Emirates, Dubai – the Burj Khalifa

Photo: pinterest.com/pin/569635052837673667/

19. United States of America – the Grand Canyon

Photo: pinterest.com/pin/60587557459060210/

20. Sydney – Opera House

Photo: pinterest.com/pin/421157002623621886/

21. Canada – Niagara Falls

Photo: pinterest.com/pin/189784571768281432/

22. England – The Big Ben

Photo: pinterest.com/pin/356699232956731958/

23. India – Sahib Golden Temple

Photo: pinterest.com/pin/202239839486844057/

24. France – The Notre Dame

Photo: pinterest.com/pin/95842298289734596/

25. Germany – The Brandenburg Gate

Photo: pinterest.com/pin/463378249129781184/


What other remarkable landmarks have you seen or would like to see? 



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