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In some countries, the best way to move around is not always the fastest or the most modern. But it’s definitely the most authentic. If you really want to experience the culture of a destination, we recommend you take after the locals! In this case, forget about trains, cars or bikes and try something a little more adventurous.

Original and uncommon…here are the strangest forms of transportation across the globe!

1. Tuk Tuk

Source:Reb-M.K. via Flickr

Tuk Tuks are a popular form of transportation in countries such as Thailand, India, Nepal, Cambodia, Pakistan and Indonesia. They come in different shapes and sizes, and are real masterpieces of engineering. It’s incredible how much weight a Tuk Tuk can support on three wheels!

2. Rickshaws

Source: Marji Lang via Flickr

The Rickshaw is a kind of bike-taxi that originated in Asia. Nowadays this form of transportation can be found in many countries and is particularly popular with tourists. In Bangkok, for example, no matter how chaotic the traffic, visitors don’t shy away from using this unconventional vehicle.

3. Burro-Taxi

Source: Miisha via Flickr

If you don’t like the idea of exploring Mijas on foot, you can always hire a burro-taxi (aka a donkey taxi). This trend started back in the 60’s; as workers made their way back home from work, they would get stopped by enthusiastic tourists who wanted to take photos with them and their donkeys. A lot of times the money they earned from tourists exceeded their salaries! Today, the donkey-taxis are real tourist magnets.

4. Water Taxi

Source: joierr via Flickr

The idea here is pretty straight forward: turn a boat/ship into a water taxi! This form of transportation is prominent in cities such as Vancouver, Sydney and Chicago, where water crossing is just as important as moving around the city centre.

5. Travelling upside down

Source: psychoMUELL via Flickr

Why settle for regular trains when you can travel upside down! In Wuppertal (Germany) you can board the Schwebebahn, also known as the Suspension Railway.  This train might not be conventional, but it’s a great way to observe and photograph the landscape. Either way, to us, it looks more like an amusement park attraction!

6. Camel Rides

Source: Pinterest

Riding a camel instead of hailing a taxi might be peculiar in some countries, but not if you find yourself in India or Africa. We’re not sure how comfortable or practical camel riding is, but it’s sure to make traffic jams more fun!

7. Ox Taxi

Ox - Taxi
Source: Pinterest

If you want to go for a stroll in a taxi pulled by oxen, you’ll have to travel to Seychelles. On the island of La Digue you can have these majestic animals show you around the sandbanks and tropical forests. It definitely lets you see the island from a different perspective…

8. Beer Bike

Source: überkenny via Flickr

Discover European cities like London or Amsterdam while you drink and peddle with your friends! These eco-friendly vehicles have a capacity of 19 people and are great way of socializing while you do some sightseeing.

9. Coco Taxi

Coco -Taxi
Source: Snaxx via Flickr

Next time you find yourself in Havana, go for a ride in a coco taxi. The cabs get their name from their oval shape, which resembles the form of a coconut. And while they may not seem very large, these scooter-like vehicles pick us speed relatively quickly. One thing to keep in mind, the cost of riding in a coco taxi does not depend on the number of people you travel with, but on the distance covered.

10. Elephant Rides

Source: Samovar-Group via Flickr

The elephant is a magnificent animal that plays an important role in Thai culture, representing a symbol of tradition and fortune among other things.  In areas like Phuket, elephant excursions are very popular. With the help of a guide, tourists can mount elephants and go for a ride around the island`s stunning natural landscapes.

11. Chiva Express

Chiva Express
Source: Metropolitan Touring via Flickr

In Ecuador, they have a bus that rides the rails like a train. Connecting the mountains and the sea, this mode of transportation is no longer used by locals and serves mostly as a tourist attraction. All aboard!

 What is the most bizarre form of transportation you’ve ever been on? Tell us all about it!



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