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14. Visit the Elephant Cave, the « Goa Gadja » in Ubud

Goa Gadja Bali
Source : Flickr (by Klaus Stiefel)

15. Indulge in a Balinese massage with frangipani oil

Massage balinais
Source : Flickr (by Roderick Eime)

16. Experience a Legong performance, the traditional Bali dance, at the Royal Palace in Ubud.

Legong danse balinaise
Source : Flickr (by Jorge Dalmau)

17. Enjoy fresh seafood in Jimbaran

Fruits de mer à Jimbaran Bali
Source : Flickr (by Ting Cheng)

18. Rock a snorkelling mask and enjoy snorkelling on the small island of  Nusa Lembongan

Snorkeling Nusa Lembongan
Source : Flickr (by stef bemba)

19. Listen to Gamelan from the Royal Gamelan Orchestra in Ubud

Source : Flickr (by the justified sinner)

20. Walk along the ruins of the Gegel dynasty in Klungkung

klungkung bali
Source : Flickr (by Bertrand Duperrin)

21. Sip on the traditional beverage, Arak Madu, a local alcohol that is embellished with honey, lime and water

Source : Flickr (by Mike Haller)

22. Visit the magnificence that is Tirtagangga

Tirtagangga Bali
Source : Flickr (by Johan Wieland)

23. Meet the charming inhabitants of the Ubud Monkey Forest

Forêt des singes Ubud
Source : Flickr (by Hadi Zaher)

24. Take a cooking course in Paon Bali, Ubud, and learn all of the Balinese culinary secrets

Cours de cuisine Bali
Source : Flickr (by Debbs)

25. Experience the festival of kites, a popular event on the island that is anticipated for months

Festival des cerfs volants de Sanur
Source : Flickr (by John Hartnup)

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