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Chocolate flavoured, vanilla or strawberry? Served in a cup or a cone? With sprinkles or syrup? How do you take your ice cream in summer?

In our search for the best ice cream of the season, we’ve round-up 10 of the most delicious ice cream photos on Instagram. If you want to know more about the ice cream itself, just use the Twitter button next to each photo and ask the photographer him(/her)self.

10 An ice cream on the beach. Delicious no matter the brand and the flavour by @ellelebert

9. Smooth chocolate ice cream on your lunch brake by @prebba

8. Marshmallow ice cream and a Sunday picnic by @_darkparadise

7. Why choose one flavour when you can go for four? Sprinkle some roasted pistachio on top and you’re in heaven. By @letsplayipopz

6. A whoopie ice cream to celebrate a good week by @pangkessuda

5. Ice cream with a friend who likes those flavours you consider “interesting” by @fialottaplingplong

4. Creamy ice cream with a friend who like the same flavours and also bikes 🙂  by@shariffabahri

3. A giant ice cream sandwich: puffy ice cream, soft biscuit by @melindagneale

2. Vanilla Ice cream and Mini Waffles. One could have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner, don’t you think? By @micamua

1. Super sticky vanilla ice cream with chopped strawberries and syrup by @special9919

What about you, what’s your favourite ice cream?

Are you on Instagram? Take a photo and tag it #edreams so we can find it. The best photos will be featured right here, on the blog.

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