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With its short days, low temperatures, and heavy rains we wouldn’t blame you for being happy that February is the shortest month on the calendar.

Luckily there’s travel.

If you’re looking to get out read on. There’s a suitcase full of destinations out there with winter high seasons, world-renown festivals, and becoming beach escapes for travellers of all ages and budgets.

Here’s a list of where to travel in February.

Cape Verde

The first European settlement in the tropics is actually an archipelago of 10 islands in the Atlantic Ocean.

With an average February temperature of 25°C you’ll find a ton of things to do on any of its pristine beaches. Nature lovers will love hiking through the steep volcanic rock that plunges into the sea on Santo Antão’s coastal trail.

fishermen's boats on cape verde
@hannahkpowell via Instagram


To the Vietnamese the month of February is a time of relaxation and celebration and there’s no better time to visit the Southeast Asian country famous for Tet: the Vietnamese New Year.

The big meals and festive decorations can be enjoyed by locals and tourists alike, though both would agree the star of the show is the floating lantern festival in Hoi An.

mountains plunge into the sea in vietnam
@gspbm via Instagram

Punta Cana

February is dry season at this immensely popular holiday resort on the eastern coast of the Dominican Republic. Both couples and families will find this a great place for value with its long list of all-inclusive resorts.

February 27th is the National Independence Day and you will find all sorts of parties, patriotic events, and even a speech by the president.

a couple holding hands on a beach at punta cana dominican republic
@alexandre_alemao via Instagram

Cape Town

Skip right ahead to summer with a trip down to one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Cape Town is in full swing at this time of the year, making it the perfect holiday destination for February.

Whether you’re catching the cable car up Table Mountain, diving with sharks, or attending the Constantia Wine Festival you’ll barely spend a second uncaressed by the gentle stroke of nature.

a hiker overlooks cape town from table mountain
@renateeriksen via Instagram


This coastal region in western India is actually the country’s smallest state. February is a great time to travel to Goas as it is the tail end of high season so the crowds begin to thin, though the beach shacks and parties continue to thrive well into March. Don’t miss the Goa Carnival: a local Christian tradition that was brought to the area in 1510 by the Portuguese.

a beach shack at sunset in goa india
@goa.india via Instagram

The Philippines

The country of more than 7,000 islands naturally offers enough beach escapes to last the average tourist a lifetime. It’s one of the warmes places to go in February, with average temperatures pushing 30°C. You can’t go wrong hitting the glorious spas of Boracay or discovering the untouched semi-silent nature at Palawan.

an aerial view of a seaside cliff in the philippines
@divergenttravelers via Instagram

New Orleans

This unique city is almost more Europe than North America with its multilingual heritage and French and Spanish creole architecture. The birthplace of jazz is a great place for live music fans. The world famous Mardi Gras parades that roll out in February are can’t miss and likely the biggest spectacle outside of Rio’s Carnival or Munich’s Oktoberfest.

a dusk shot of bourbon street in new orleans
@pavle.aleksic via Instagram

OK! Let’s dust off the shorts and get packing.

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