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The world’s fastest growing city was nothing more than a pile of sand blowing in the wind until the late 1960’s…

Today, Dubai is a dazzling cosmopolitan center and arguably the most advanced and luxurious city in the entire world!

With a crime rate of 0% (!) and its Lamborghini cop cars and no standard address system (how the heck do they manage?) you’ll wanna check out one of the world’s most interesting, if divisive cities…

Here are 10 reasons to visit Dubai. Ready? Set… Go!

1. There are Camel Races with Robot Jockeys.

Ok, so before you start applauding the United Arab Emirates for their technological advancement you should know that robots are only slowly replacing child jockeys and their massive history of systemic human rights abuses. Still, camel riding robots? I’m in!

2. The Skyline is Ridiculous.

Dubai skyline

With clusters of super talls everywhere you’ll get a kink in your neck from all the looking up. Currently, Dubai is home to 911 completed high-rises – 88 standing taller than 180 meters and a world record 18 rising to 300 meters or more.

3. The Shopping is Unparalleled.

Dubai Mall

The city of Dubai is synonymous with spending. Whether you’re looking for gold and handicrafts at traditional shops or more upscale global shopping destinations you’ll find it here.

Start (and probably finish, shattered) at the Dubai Mall, the world’s biggest shopping center by area. There’s over 1,000 stores spread out over 50 football fields or so.

4. They Built an Island Shaped Like a Palm Tree.

Palm Island in Dubai

Part tourist attraction, part engineering marvel. Palm Island, the world’s biggest man-made island houses over 5,000 residential units and a ton of top class hotels and resorts all connected by (don’t laugh, Simpsons lovers) the Middle East’s first monorail. Artificial archipelagolicious.

5. It’s a Foodie’s Paradise.

Dubai cuisine

High class cuisine to suit every taste is the name of the game here. Over the years, Dubai has transformed itself into the go-to destination for international chefs looking to open new restaurants from Gordon Ramsey to Silvena Rowe to Nobu Matsuhisa and beyond.

6. It’s a Massive Mix of Cultures.

Culture mix in Dubai

With upwards of 80% of the population coming from abroad, it’s hard to find a bigger mix of culture anywhere the world. Filipinos, Indians, Bangladeshis, Sri Lankans, and a sizeable Western European population, all coexist using your favorite language as the default Lingua Franca: English!

7. The Fascinating Burj Khalifa!

Burj Khalifa in Dubai

This mega tall skyscraper is the world’s tallest free standing structure at 829.9 meters spread out over 154 floors. Do the cameras have vertical panorama settings?

8. There’s a 7 Star Hotel!

Burj Al Arab Hotel - Dubai

The world’s most luxurious hotel cost $1 billion to build and probably won’t be in your price range (the Royal Suite goes for $24,000 a night) but just a walk through will be enough to inspire you to be better! Or give up entirely. 😉

9. The Dubai Fountain is Bloody Amazing.

Dubai Fountain

The world’s largest choreographed fountain system is illuminated by over 6,000 lights, shoots water up to 500 feet in the air, and has 22,000 gallons of water in use at any given time. No need to throw in any change – shows run several times a day. Free entertainment? Check!

10. You Can Do Pretty Much Anything.

Ski in Dubai

It’s no surprise that the place of camel riding robots puts out a veritable buffet of tourist attractions. Whether you’re looking to drive F1 cars, dive with sharks, get a 24 karat gold facial, or even ski and snowboard you’ll feel right at home. Visit Dubai for amazing experiences!

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  1. I’ve generally been captivated by Dubai and had no clue they were one of the most secure urban communities on the planet. In spite of the fact that I don’t know whether I could bear the cost of the considerable number of extravagances, I still certainly need to make a visit.

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